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Tai Chi Master of the Year 2011 -USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame

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At Clear’s Martial Arts, we believe that everyone deserves a long and healthy life, safe from harm. We are committed to making high-level martial arts secrets accessible to the public. We accomplish this with live teaching, instructional DVDs, and online training in Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Self Defense.

The mission of Clear’s Tai Chi is to fuel a revolution in Tai Chi Instruction based on the pursuit of function, not choreography, not philosophy. We want principles and methods that produce results, not just more techniques and sets.

Sigung Richard Clear


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Professional Certifications

  • Sigung (Senior Teacher – Red Sash) Tai Chi and Chi Kung
    Advanced training received from China’s “old Masters” Living Treasures in Mainland China 1993 & 1994
  • Tai Chi Master of The Year 2011 -USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • Sigung (Senior Teacher – Red Sash) Old Hand Shao lin and Internal Kung Fu
  • Self Defense Master of the Year 2007 -USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • Master Practitioner of KUN TAO SILAT de Thouars
  • Master Practitioner of Pentjak Silat
  • Si-Tai-Gung Street Kung Fu (Founder and Head of System)
  • Certified in May 2003 as Instructor of Russian Martial Art Systema
    by Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev
Yang Chen Fu
Lee Ying Arng
Dr Fred Wu
Tyrone Jackson
Richard Clear

Sigung (Master) Richard Clear has studied Tai Chi and Chi Kung in the U.S. and in China. Master Clear Began his study of Tai Chi at a very young age after he was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis. He experiences no pain from the arthritis and is more supple than the average person half his age.

Sigung Clear With Wen Mei Yu as Ma Yeuh Liang looks on

Sigung Clear With Wen Mei Yu as Ma Yeuh Liang looks on

Master Clear is a 3rd generation lineage holder in Tai Chi from Lee Ying Arng who was a senior student under Yang Chen Fu. Master Clear studied directly with such famous masters as Ma Yeuh Liang, Wen Mei Yu, Dr. Fred Wu, Liu Ji Fa, Ju Bong Yi, Pei Xi Rong, Willem de Thouars and Don Ethan Miller among others. Master Clear’s earliest Tai Chi teacher, Tyrone Jackson, was Dr. Wu’s senior lineage disciple. Master Clear began teaching Tai Chi in 1985 and has over 40 years of continuous study in Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Psychology, Philosophy, Alternative Medicine and Physiology.

Pei Xi Rong, his wife and Sigung Clear in China

Pei Xirong, his wife and Sigung Clear in Shanghai

Master Clear’s Tai Chi has been featured in national magazines and on television. He has a practical teaching method rooted in the basics and knows both the healing and the martial side of Tai Chi and Chi Kung in depth. He holds a Masters Level (Si Gung) in Internal Kung Fu and is a senior instructor in several martial arts.


Don Miller & Richard Clear
Vision for the Future
Master Clear is known for the quality of his instruction and the sincerity with which he teaches his programs, always taking the extra time to work with those in need, in a dedicated effort to pass on the many benefits and rewards he has received from his lifelong study in this field.

Tyrone Jackson & Sigung Clear

Tyrone Jackson & Sigung Clear

Master Clear says, “my consistent focus on learning and teaching students the most authentic arts is in keeping with my vision of making Tai Chi and its health benefits available to all. As a healer and teacher for over 30 years I know the critical importance of the life enhancement and self-healing benefits of Tai Chi. As a result, I have made a commitment to sharing it with as many people as I Can.”

Contact Richard Clear

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Clear’s Tai Chi National Headquarters

(865) 379-9997
Twitter: @RichardEClear


3932 Morganton Road
Maryville, TN 37801


113 E. Broadway Ave

Reviews & Endorsements

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Reviews of “Chi Energy – Cultivation, Activation & Flow” by Sigung Clear

“…it’s a wonderful tool for anyone who has interest in Chi Kung, tai chi, health, healing, energy medicine or longevity. Sifu Clear’s explanations are simple and precise. As a Board Certified Acupuncturist and Doctor of Chiropractic I can whole heartedly say “use this for what ales you”. Sifu Clear obviously knows what he is talking about and deserves a doctorate degree for his knowledge in the internal and external arts of healing and self defense.”

-Dr Conrad Bui

This is one of those very few books that is able to give a solid, concrete introduction to a very complicated subject matter that a beginner can grasp but at the same time manages to give pointers and insights that will benefit very seasoned and experienced practioners. It is a very practical and user friendly book devoid of the sometimes confusing jargon and terminolgy often found in similar books. It should be of interest to tai chi and chi gung practioners as well as other martial artists and anyone interested in improving their health. Highly recommended.

-By Michael Smith (florida, USA)

In my 30+ years of practicing T’ai Chi and various forms of Chi Kung I have acquired a substantial collection of reference material.That, along with attending numerous workshops and/or classes I have had exposure to many different approaches to a specific type of Chi Kung. In my humble opinion, your book should be read by any and all interested in this art. Your approach makes these exercises easy to understand and do. I hope you have another book available soon.

-Derick Rock

Endorsements of Clear’s Tai Chi

I have been studying with Master Clear for a little over 3 years now. During my last physical, my doctor told me to “keep doing what you’re doing” because “you’re doing what medicine can’t do for you.”

My results:Blood Pressure 116/64, hear rate 64 beats per minute, and I lost 17lbs.

– Stephen P. Kerr

After suffering two ruptured discs and severe nerve damage from a car accident in 1994, instead of taking pain pills I opted for an alternative approach to my problem. Through a dedicated study and practice of Clear’s Tai Chi I restored myself to full health and am now living entirely free from pain.

– Charles Zayas
-Certified Black Belt in Shotokan Karate

“Sigung Clear has broken traditional ground by revealing to his students the once held closely guarded secrets of Tai Chi’s incredible explosive and healing power. His reasoning exudes compassion with the notion that powerful Chi Kung, such as the styles that have been passed down to him, should be shared openly with his students for health and rejuvenation. Richard Clear has a natural gift for teaching, along with wisdom that is beyond his years. This kind of “easy to learn” process is revealed in his instructional systems. He comes highly recommended!
—Dan Eidson, Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Licensed Massage Therapist, Owner of Cinnabar Tai Chi Club
Fairfield Bay, Arkansas

I have had serious arthritic changes in my neck due to two accidents. X-Rays showed that bone spurs had nearly fused my vertebrae together in some spots making it very difficult to turn my neck without turning my whole body. I tried every pain killer known to man and I am still involved in massage therapy and chiropractic but have gotten much better results since learning Clear’s Tai Chi. I am now taking an active role in my condition rather than relying on pain pills and a once a week visit to my doctor. The range of motion in my neck has improved dramatically, I have increased energy and flexibility and Clear’s Tai Chi is great for stress reduction. My blood pressure dropped and my physician was able to decrease the dosage of a medication I take on a daily basis.

– Bonnie Atwood, Postal Worker

I am asthmatic and the symptoms of my condition have practically disappeared as a result of learning the deep breathing in Clear’s Tai Chi.

– Darrell Mason
1st Degree Black Belt Jiu-Jitsu
1st Degree Black Belt Taijitsu Karate

Clear’s Tai Chi really helped me to rehabilitate my sprained shoulder and broken ankle.

– Robert Pace, Computer Tech and surfer

Thank you for the Tai Chi Energy Healing Workshop. I learned a lot and have been using it in my personal life and in my business. I truly appreciated the opportunity and am impressed with all that you have to offer.

– Judi Macy, Massage Therapist


  1. I have use your dvds and they work. I was browbeating cowed. a knife pull out on me in grocery store and I aply the one slap hit to the jaw of a 6 foot black man and Im a five foot 6 ” marine and knock him against the shelves. and all the cans of food fell on the floor along with him he was semi out. thanks to you you save my life and they didn’t file arrest me they saw the tape and new he was quilty. and I had the right to do it. It was just a full forch slap to the jaw with my body weight, that did it, I like to get your ONe hit knock out punch next

  2. jack wilson says:

    my name is jack wilson from michigan im 70 years old viet nam marine veteran ,health fair but problems ,would like to learn more on health n bealing benefits as well as self defense n power tenichnqiue ,and perhaps pass some knowledge to my grandaughters n sons thank you .

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