Vol 19 Fighting Jing Set


Vol-19-web-CoverIn this 3 disc set Sigung Clear takes an in depth look at the many different jings, energies and expressions of Tai Chi Chuan.

You learn how to use each of these expressions combatively.

…and you learn how to build each of them with the 16 Move Fighting Set or any Tai Chi set you know.

Here are a few of the many different methods taught in this 3 disc volume:

  • Fajing Set
  • Floating Root Set
  • Drunken Tai Chi Set
  • Silk Reeling Set (Chan Si Jing)
  • Iron Body Set
  • Listening Set (Ting Jing)
  • Compressed Spring Kuntao Set
  • Predator Style Set
  • Whip Set
  • Unbending Arm & Body Set
  • Shackled Set
  • and many more…

You are NOT learning new moves or forms on these DVDS.

(Though we do spend a few minutes showing you how to link the the 16 forms of Clear’s Combat Tai Chi into the 16 move fighting Tai Chi set.)

Instead you are learning how to take ANY Tai Chi forms and sets you already know and practice them with the jings, energies and expressions listed above. As well as many others.

Vol 19 Fighting Jing Set



  1. Does this dvd set teach these following skills vibrateing palm, tai chi breathing, and tai chi relaxing methods.

  2. Hello Sigung Clear,

    a while ago I bought the Kuntao Iron Body DVD. I have a question about the bone marrow washing. When you breathe in through the torso, do you breathe in through the zhong mai (middle channel), spine, or the whole torso?



  3. Stephen ENgstrom says:

    Hi Ben,
    What’s the difference between the Combat Fighting Jing dvd and the Combat breathing dvd? Thanks

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