Tai Chi Certification

Clear Tai Chi is a results based accelerated learning program.

We promote a 1 on 1 “hands on” method of instruction in large part because the only way to continue to advance as an instructor is to continually work with your students. Hands on. 1 on 1.

Our instructors constitute a confederation of legitimate Tai Chi practitioners united around a pursuit of the highest levels of internal skill and dedicated to sharing their knowledge and training the Tai Chi masters of tomorrow.

Become a Certified Tai Chi Instructor

Become a Certified Tai Chi Instructor

Clear Tai Chi Certifications

Clear Tai Chi Level 1 – Instructor

A Clear Tai Chi instructor is versed in the basic forms, self-defense applications, qigong & internal principles of Tai chi and is qualified to teach beginning Tai Chi classes.

Clear Internal Push Hands Level 1 – Instructor

A Clear Internal Push Hands Instructor is well versed in the fundamentals building internal skill and the application of that skill for health, healing & self-defense.

Clear Tai Chi Level 2 – Instructor (Black Sash)

A Senior Clear Tai Chi Instructor has a thorough understanding of Intermediate Tai Chi principles, fighting applications, Nei Kung & Qigong. You are qualified to teach intermediate Tai Chi classes.

  • Prerequisites: Tai Chi Level 1
  • Study Materials: Tai Chi Level 2 – Available Online
  • Test: Live

Clear Internal Push Hands Level 2 – Senior Instructor

A Senior Push Hands Instructor is adept in the use of Internal skill & energetics for health & self-defense.

  • Prerequisites: Push Hands Level 1 & Tai Chi Level 2
  • Study Materials: Tai Chi Level 2 – Available Online
  • Test: Live

Clear Tai Chi Level 3 – Sifu (Combat Instructor)

A Clear Tai Chi Sifu has advanced skill and a deep understanding of the combat side of Tai Chi Chuan.

  • Prerequisites: Tai Chi Level 2
  • Study Materials: Combat Tai Chi Curriculum – Available on DVD or Study Online (must complete Tai Chi Level 2 before online access to Level 3 is available.)
  • Test: Live

Clear Internal Push Hands Level 3 – Combat Instructor

A Level 3 Push Hands Instructor has advanced internal skill & is fully proficient in the self-defense use of push hands, internal principles and energetics.

  • Prerequisites: Push hands Level 2, Tai Chi Level 3

Clear Tai Chi Level 4 – Master Instructor

A Master Instructor has completed the Clear Tai Chi curriculum and is highly skilled in all aspects of Clear Tai Chi

  • Prerequisites: Tai Chi Level 3

Clear Internal Push Hands Level 4 – Master Instructor

A Master Instructor is highly skilled in advanced internal and energetic principles.

  • Prerequisites: Push Hands Level 3

Qi Gong & Healing Certifications

Chi Energy Activation Cultivation & Flow Instructor

Fa Kung Healing Practitioner level 1 (workshops 1 – 4)

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Study Materials: Healing Workshop
  • Test: Attend Healing Workshop & Documentation of healing work

Fa Kung Healing Practitioner Level 2 (workshops 5 & 6)

  • Prerequisites: Tai Chi Level 1, Fa Kung Healing level 1
  • Study Materials: Live
  • Test: documentation of healing work

Fa Kung Healing Practitioner Level 3 (workshop 7)

  • Prerequisites: Fa Kung Energy Healing Level 2
  • Study Materials: Live
  • Test: documentation of healing work


  1. I know that results depend upon the individual and how hard they work at the curriculum, but about how long does it take to complete the Basic Level Tai chi program to be able to get a basic level instructors certification?

    • It depends on how much previous Tai Chi training you have. If you’re already familiar with most of the basic principles it can take as little as 3 months. If you’re new to Tai Chi and work hard it shouldn’t take more than a year.

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  3. Penny Williams says

    Is the Basic Skills Instructior the 24 pattern? Also, is this the one most practiced around the world? Thank you.

    • Matt Holker says

      Hi Penny,

      Actually we have found that the best way to teach the principles of Tai Chi at the beginning level is with shorter sets. That way people can learn real skills instead of focusing on choreography. This also allows you to practice many skills every day, since the sets only take a few minutes to complete. The Basic Skills course comes with Clear 8 & 13 move sets. These sets are very easy to learn, especially if you already know another form. Learning our method will allow you to apply the skills to any form you like, but most people who learn our system prefer our forms for the reasons mentioned above.

  4. I see that most of the testing says that it’s live. Is there a specific time and place that that is done? Or is it done in different locations?

    • Matt Holker says

      Hi Megan,

      When live testing is necessary, it will need to be scheduled with any of our qualified instructors. If you are testing here at our National Headquarters, you can normally make arrangements to schedule the test around any of the many workshops we put on.

      • Jake Nelson says

        Is any of the testing ever done online?

        • Matt Holker says

          Yes, Tai Chi Level 1 can be tested by video. From there on out, the skills must be tested by feel. This will require getting hands-on time with an instructor who is certified at the appropriate level for your test.

  5. Charles Huffman says

    Is there a testing fee once one is ready to test for the various levels of Taiji certification and if so, how much is it?

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