Health Benefits & Research on Tai Chi

Research on Tai Chi Health Benefits

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Balance and Falls
Bone Loss
Heart Disease
Immune System
Parkinson’s Disease
Quality of Life

Proven Tai Chi Health Benefits

  • Release Your Tension and Stress
  • Strengthen Your Immune System
  • Renew Sexual Vigor and Interest
  • Increase Your Breathing and Circulation
  • Gently improve Your Cardio health
  • Lower Your Blood Pressure
  • Improve Your Physical Alignment
  • Relieve Your Arthritis Pain
  • Reduce Your Muscle and Back Pain
  • Helps Alleviate MS and Asthma
  • Rehabilitate Your old and new injuries
  • Increase Core Strength and Balance
  • Gain New Flexibility and Coordination
  • Restore Your Youthful Exuberance

Chi Flow Power

  • Increase Your Energy
  • Gain Real Mental Calm and Focus
  • Heighten Your Awareness
  • Grow Your Mind
  • Awaken Your Creativity
  • Turn on Your Psychic Abilities
  • Learn to Heal Yourself and Others!
  • Relax Your Mind and Body
  • Connect Your Mind and Spirit
  • Find Inner Peace and Tranquility
  • Create Stillness in Movement
  • Discover Your Inner Power

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  1. A E Taylor says

    Hi I have practiced Qi Gong for 30 to 40 years and it has helped with mental and physical health. I would like to learn Tai Chi, would a book or DVD help if classes aren’t available. A

    • Matt Holker says

      Not all Tai Chi books and DVDs are created equal! If you want to learn Tai Chi, I would recommend you start with the Clear’s Level 1 program. That will get you started with an easy to learn form and enough martial applications for each move so that you know you are doing the form correctly. The rest of the course focuses on the real heart of Tai Chi: building Internal Power.

      Sigung Richard Clear spent decades developing and refining his teaching methods to make sure his students were getting results. This is the only long-distance Tai Chi program we have ever found that is capable of delivering real Tai Chi internal skills without having time in front of a Master. This is also an instructor certification course. It contains everything you need to study and practice in order to take the Level 1 Test and become a Clear Tai Chi Instructor. You can learn more about it here:

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