Clear Tai Chi: Sung, Peng, Lu, Ji, An

The foundation of Tai Chi.

The foundation of Tai Chi.

Learn to build and use the primary energies of Tai Chi: Sung (softness,) Peng (ward off,) Lu (rollback,) Ji (press,) & An (push.)

These 5 principles are considered the foundation of Tai Chi.

In this video Sigung Clear breaks down these principles. You’ll learn how to build them and use them to add more power and effectiveness to all your Tai Chi skills and techniques.


*note* This dvd does not teach the physical postures associated with these energies. Instead you will learn the energy, principles and usage of Sung, Peng, Lu, Ji & An.


  1. sorry I didnt catch your video on this subject, the date is already over by the time I got it , could you run it again?

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