What is Absorbing & Building Chi?

chi-healing-1A. Absorbing Chi refers to the practice of building Universal Chi from the ambient energy around you through specific physical activities, breathing and visualization.

First you absorb the Chi and then you learn how to cultivate what you have to build more Chi and store it in the body.

The primary storage locations in the body are in the lower dan tien and in the bone marrow inside the bones. This practice method (known as Bone Marrow Washing) is a highly regarded secret in Chi kung. There are extensive books that have been translated into English on Bone Marrow Washing. These texts explain in great detail what Marrow Washing is but they do not explain how to do Marrow Washing. In the book “Chi Energy: Activation, Cultivation and Flow” I have a section explaining how to practice Bone Marrow Washing and this is also taught in the 3 Day Healing Chi Kung Course.

Q. What are energy blocks?

A. There are many different forms of energy blockages but the symptoms are generally the same.

Commonly an old injury or arthritis has choked off the nerve function. The flow of bio- electricity between synapses is lessened and numbness and neuropathy sets in which causes a decrease in feeling and a loss of power and mobility in the affected area.

After some period of time most people seem to become used to and accepting of this and they assume it is just part of their daily life and how things are. The problem is that when you have inhibited or no sensation in part of your body over a pro-longed period of time then atrophy and disease tends to set in and your body cannot properly fight the problem. Often people are in such debilitated shape that they need assistance to get everything flowing and properly working again. Universal Healing Chi Kung is an excellent method for this kind of work.


  1. Hello, I enjoyed your article and it helped me on my path of healing. I am a Black belt and have had injuries and have been out for 8years. My job as a server has taken a toll on my body as well. My condition worsened from non practice and I have been in a lot of pain for a long time. I am very sensitive to Chi and always have been. When I read the sentence (The problem is that when you inhibit or no sensation in part of your body over pro-longed period of time then atrophy and disease tends to set in and your body cannot properly fight the problem) it was a light bulb moment. My life struggles at 8years ago till present have been financial problems and injuries and it kept me from karate and doing what my body needs to heal and strengthen itself. I just let myself go and focused on surviving till I hit a wall. A place where my body just didn’t want to work because I ignored the pain and pushed through to where my life was hurting in every area. I have been back training and working on my chi and my bodies health and I feel a hell of a lot better and getting stronger each day. I’m 40 years old and I feel like I’m growing younger. This stuff works if you know what your doing!

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