The #1 Most Important Skill In Tai Chi & All Internal Arts

Ting Jin Listening Energy refers to one of the most important jin expressions in Tai Chi.

Jin is normally defined as Chi directed by the mind intent.

In this case the jin is actually feed back for the mind of what can you sense and feel.

Mostly ting jin listening is practiced when you are in contact with someone and you are trying to read / feel what they are trying to do and what they are thinking about doing.

However, you can practice ting jin listening energy by yourself for internal development.

To begin with let’s talk about feeling the intention of someone else.

At first a lot of people give a funny look when you talk about being able to feel inside of another person to determine what they are thinking about doing or starting to do before it can be perceived with the eyes.

This always amuses me because one of the most basic medical tests there are is to feel the pulse and to determine what the heart rate is doing.

You would think that with an internal sensitivity test being practiced so openly and so often that people would be used to the idea that you can feel inside of a living human body and get a reading of what is happening with a person.

One of the basic practices I like to use to help folks with development of Ting Jin Listening energy is to have person A close their eyes and hold onto the outside of person B’s arm.

Person B tries to strike person A with the other arm and person A’s job is to feel and move the second that they feel person B move the arm.

It is really easy for person A to feel and really hard for person B to hide.

This is basic first day Tai Chi Ting Jing Listening energy practice and it helps folks get used to the idea that you feel and understand what someone is doing without having to use your eyes to do it.

Over time Ting Jing Listening energy becomes more and more refined so that eventually it is as if you hear the person think to move and you counter before they actually begin moving.

What’s more is that you counter in the right way, angle and direction to completely neutralize their attack.

With practice you can actually feel where there are structural errors in their body posture and push them so that you put out very little force but to the recipient it feels like you forcefully shove them with an explosive cannon shot.

Without Ting Jing Listening Energy it is very difficult to build this kind of ability and with Ting Jing over time it is simple and easy.

One of the other benefits of Ting Jing Listening Energy is that it can be used to listen to your own body.

In the beginning I find it is used to help correct posture and to get better Sung relaxation and better and deeper breathing while helping to find and remove blockages.

Over time it can be used to help perform such skills as Marrow Washing and moving sickness out of the body.

If you want the fast path to learning this skill- the answer is Internal Push Hands.

I go in depth with exactly how to get quick, and lasting results with Internal Push Hands that will have you not only learning Ting Jin-

But also applying the skill real and meaningful ways.

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  1. I have strong Chi in my hands. but I can’t move an object using it. why???

    • Matt Holker says

      Hi Prince,

      In a nutshell, it’s because that’s not how Chi works!

      Chi just means Energy. It’s not anything particularly special or different than the way Western Science talks about Energy. There are a lot of kinds of Chi, and they do different things. The energy in your hands is there to fuel your hands, so if you want to move something with that energy you are going to need to use your hands!

      That said, what you CAN do is see the difference between when you have that energy flowing and not. Get a good pad or a heavy bag and smack it without the Chi in your hands, then do it again with the Chi on and see if there’s a difference. It may be hard to tell on your own, but a partner holding a pad for you should be able to give you the feedback you need.

      See it a bunch of ways. See it with a hit, with a grab, with an escape from a grab, etc. But remember, safety first!

      • Sir,
        Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your kind words. The other person can identify my chi like magnetic field between my hands and theirs like pulling. I feel like a ball in my hands. I need to know how to flourish this power.

        • Matt Holker says

          Hello Prince,

          I understand. We can help you to develop this, and to understand its proper usage. The best place for you to start is our Level 1 Tai Chi program. There is much more training on the “Energy Ball” throughout our programs, but I recommend you begin there.

    • Chi just means Energy, you have to train to use it to heal, strike or move things. Red sand palm training, Chi Gung, or Energy Ball training are examples of ways you can learn to move the Chi. It wound be fastest if you started doing microcosmic orbit and standing post exercises. Also read and use “the Tai Chi Bible” The Dao of Taijiquan: Way to Rejuvenation (Tai Chi) Tsung Hwa Jou. Just doing Tai Chi or other Internal Arts will help.

  2. How can I heal Qigong deviation from proper practice of spontaneous Qigong?

    • I made a typo, I meant to say How can I heal Qigong deviation from improper practice of spontaneous Qigong?

      • Matt Holker says

        Hello Timothy, I recommend you start by doing 5-10 good Carry the Cauldrons (with the energy movement), and an equal number of Grand Tai Chi’s. If you need that training, you should check out Sigung Clear’s Chi Energy Book/DVD set. To give more specific advice I would need to know more about the nature of the deviation.

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