Push Hands Instructor Certification Level 1

A Clear’s Internal Push Hands Instructor is well versed in the fundamentals building internal skill and the application of that skill for health, healing & self-defense.

  • Prerequisites: None (Tai Chi Level 1 recommended)
  • Study Materials: Internal Push Hands Instructor Course – Available on DVD Feb 18 or Live at a workshop.
  • Estimated Time to Complete: 3 – 24 months depending on previous experience.
  • Test: Live

Clear Internal Push Hands Level 1 Instructor Requirements

  • Able to distinguish empty & full at the legs / waist (Not Double weighted)
  • Whole Body Breathing & Using breath to defend or attack
  • Sinking your Qi & Rooting
    • Able to sink your root at least 3 body lengths down (18 – 20 feet)
    • Able to feel your partner’s root at least 3 body lengths down (18 – 20 feet)
  • Able to feel where your partner is targeting inside of you
  • Find & Push / Pull or Move (then troubleshoot / help fix) your partner’s
    • Imbalance
    • Structural Errors
    • Tension Errors & blockages / tension
    • Partner’s Root bottom / Lack of depth
  • Move your partner’s Line of force by Pushing
  • Internally redirect incoming force
  • Demonstrate a minimum of 5 Internal Operations per second
  • Demonstrate the ability to work push hands Against Shoves
  • Capture an error then -Capitalize on it -Just Hold it (& them in place)
  • Ability to successfully play against a bigger & stronger opponent
  • Play against a partner grabbing your forearm / wrist
  • Wiggle / wave (with any body part) out of opponent’s incoming force
  • Able to give a practical real world example of how to apply any skill in Clear’s internal push hands (against grapple or strikes & for health etc)

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