What live training can never give you…

I thought I was at a seminar with Sigung Clear…

Later we were discussing the training over dinner when I realized sigung Clear had been to a completely different seminar than me.

We were in the same room,
at the same time,
in front of the same teacher…

…But Sigung Clear saw very different things then I did.

Of course, that’s to be expected.

He has a whole lot more experience & knowledge than I do.

That was a couple years ago.

I often wonder, if I could go back and see that seminar again, what would I see now? What would I learn differently?

That’s why I love video.

That’s why any dedicated Martial Artist studies by video these days.

The ability to rewind and review is incredible.

It’s a feature that live training can’t give you.

Whenever you have several hours to spare you can take something like our Iron Body video and immerse yourself in the training.

Or you can take it in 10 minute pieces.

Mastering each section before you move on to the next one.

And a couple years from now you can go back and do it again. You can gain a whole new understanding and ability from the training.

Rewind our Internal Iron Body workshop and live it again and again.


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