Combat Tai Chi

What is Combat Tai Chi?

When we say Combat Tai Chi we are actually referring to Tai Chi Chuan. Chuan means Fist. All Tai Chi started out as Combat Tai Chi or Tai Chi Chuan. We tend to say Combat Tai Chi rather than just Tai Chi because although the direct translation is fist in the case of Combat Tai Chi fist refers to the idea of combative use much more than any specific reference to an actual fist.

tai-chi-combat-36Over the last 50 years or so some Tai Chi instructors dropped the Martial Tai Chi fighting principles from their art and started calling their art just Tai Chi without the Chuan. The idea was to allow practitioners to learn and work on the health and healing while leaving out the martial aspects of Combat Tai Chi.

The problem is that the Combat Tai Chi moves/forms have specific internal and external applications that are also the correct uses for health and healing with Tai Chi. Without these applications the art truly is not Combat Tai Chi and it is not able to impart the amazing internally healthy Tai Chi benefits either because the mechanical and energetic principles are not understood and so are not being worked in the movements.

Combat Tai Chi involves all aspects of self defense with Tai Chi. Combat Tai Chi also includes the healing aspects. However, when we say Combat Tai Chi on our videos and materials we tend to just put the Martial aspects of the Tai Chi on that DVD or video. So, the student who wants Combat Tai Chi can specifically obtain and work on that.

fighting-with-tai-chiIf the student wants the health aspects of Tai Chi then they can study that aspect by itself also. However, in our regular curriculum you will find the health and healing is mixed right in with the self defense and it is very easy to see that Combat Tai Chi and Tai Chi are one and the same.

So, the point I am making here is that although Combat Tai Chi and Tai Chi for health can be studied separately they must be studied together at least to some degree in order for the student to really understand the material.


About our Combat Tai Chi Curriculum

Clear’s Combat Tai Chi program will teach you to fight with Tai Chi quickly and effectively.

You will learn Tai Chi principles & techniques that can be used right away for immediate self defense, and you will develop the high level internal combat skills of Tai Chi like: Fa Jing, advanced Dim Mak, Internal Iron Body and much more.

“Sigung Clear has broken traditional ground by revealing to his students the once held closely guarded secrets of Tai Chi’s incredible explosive and healing power… [He] has a natural gift for teaching, along with wisdom that is beyond his years. This kind of “easy to learn” process is revealed in his instructional systems. He comes highly recommended!”
—Dan Eidson,
Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Licensed Massage Therapist, Owner of Cinnabar Tai Chi Club Fairfield Bay, Arkansas

Some of the skills you will learn include:

Sigung Clear explains the use of breath in one type of Fa Jing at our January Combat Tai Chi workshop

Sigung Clear explains the use of breath in one type of Fa Jing at our January Combat Tai Chi workshop

  • Quick & Easy Street Applications
  • Dim Mak & Advanced Dim Mak
  • Fa Jing (several different kinds)
  • Poison Hand
  • Steel Wrapped in Cotton
  • Internal Iron Palm
  • Internal Iron Body
  • Tai Chi Whip Hands
  • “Leading into Emptiness”
  • Bone Breaking Applications
  • Learn to defeat and negate Dim Mak strikes and bone breaks.
  • Learn how to combine and apply all these skills & many more in real street self defense situations.

Free Combat Tai Chi Lessons

Tai Chi Groin Strikes (at Tai Chi Gala 2013)

Tai Chi Eye & Throat Strikes (at Tai Chi Gala 2013)

Deadly Soft Fluidity (at Tai Chi Gala 2013)

Soft Slipping & Counters (at Tai Chi Gala 2013)



  1. Ngie Gavin says:

    Is tai chi really a combat art or health dance we simply don’t know . That is a question pls. Answer .

  2. helmer hurtado vargas says:

    I don´t speak english very well, have you any materials in spanish language? Thanks for your answer.

  3. Saifodin Abdullah says:

    HI Sir, can you post or make a video on how to do REBOUNDING FORCE using the BACK as the contact point? I saw GM Ma Yueh Liang and other Wu style teachers doing it….Pls Sir…

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