Combat Tai Chi Application of High Pat the Horse

Here’s an application of High Pat the Horse from the new Combat Tai Chi DVD Vol. 13

We are extending the sale on this dvd by two more days because I was distracted by the amazing workshop with Uncle Bill and I completely forgot to post this video until now. (sale now ends on Friday Sept 2nd)


Combat Tai Chi Vol 4 Video Clip

Here’s a brief video clip from the new Combat Tai Chi DVD: White Crane Spreads Wings.

Click here for more info on the DVD.

Tai Chi Iron Body Video Clip

Here’s a clip from our new “Internal Iron Body in 100 Days” DVD.


Tai Chi Iron Palm Video

Here’s another clip from our new dvd Internal Iron Palm in 100 Days.

This 2 Disc DVD includes:

  • Tai Chi Internal Iron Palm 100 Days Method
  • Training After 100 Days
  • Tai Chi Iron Palm Street Applications
  • Speed Training
  • and more…

New Video Clip from “Dynamics of Movement”

Here’s some video from the new Combat Tai Chi DVD. This clip shows some of the Fa Jing and a few other things that are on the DVD.

There’s a lot more on this DVD than what is show here. For more info click here.

Combat Tai Chi: Whips, Explosive Movement & Whole Body Power

Real combat Tai chi is normally practiced slow and relaxed. The reason it’s trained this way is to train relaxation for speed and whole body power as one integrated piece.

Explosive speed has to be relaxed. You can’t be stiff as a board and have explosive speed. you can be fast but not explosive. You have to let everything go to have whip-like speed. A whip is not a board it’s a piece of rope that will flow because that is what’s necessary to produce the speed.

There are a lot of whips in Tai Chi, but to do them you must be relaxed.

The other thing is whole body power while in motion. How does the 70 year old beat the 20 year old?

If the 70 year old weighs 150lbs, and he can touch the 20 year old and make sure that 150lbs hits the 20 year old in the head. The 20 year old will drop like anybody else.

So the trick is to make sure that on the contact 150lbs of body weight goes in. That your entire body weight gets received by the person being contacted, hit, touched or whatever.

Tai Chi Ground Path with Fingers

Here is another skill you will develop with the new The Root of Internal Power DVD.

Bagua Combat Applications of Open Hand Basics

Some application & examples of the use of the open hand in Bagua.  Advanced Bagua is taught in our silat program.

BaGua video clip

Here’s a brief clip of some Ba Gua using the principles from our Thursday night “Internal Combat Arts” class. We spent most of the class focusing on using the strikes from the people around you to power your own strikes.

Tai Chi Cloud Hands Applications

Our Latest Tai Chi video clip on youtube:

This is just a few of the Tai Chi Cloud Hands applications from the Clear’s Tai Chi intermediate DVD #14