Xing Yi Video & Internal Combat Arts Deadline

Here's a teaser for those of you who have been asking to learn SiGung Clear's Xing Yi. This program will be available later this year. We have one Xing Yi DVD available right now (until the end of … [Read more...]

Clear’s Tai Chi in Houston TX

If you are in the Houston area you can now learn Clear's Tai Chi live. Congratulations to Kai Lewis & Mojahed Eisivand who have both earned their Clear's Tai Chi Level 1 (Basic Skills Instructor) … [Read more...]

Clear’s Tai Chi Online is accepting new members, but only until Friday Aug 19th.

You can now join Clear's Tai Chi online as part of our second test group for only $35 per month. Registration will close on Friday August 19th at 5pm (est) and you will not be able to join again … [Read more...]