Xing Yi Video & Internal Combat Arts Deadline

Here’s a teaser for those of you who have been asking to learn SiGung Clear’s Xing Yi. This program will be available later this year.

We have one Xing Yi DVD available right now (until the end of the day.) Here:

At around 11pm EST the Internal Combat Arts DVDs will no longer be available from our website. If you miss the deadline you’ll be able to get the dvds from Amazon sometime next month or early May (though they’ll cost a little more.)

Clear’s Tai Chi in Houston TX

If you are in the Houston area you can now learn Clear’s Tai Chi live.

Congratulations to Kai Lewis & Mojahed Eisivand who have both earned their Clear’s Tai Chi Level 1 (Basic Skills Instructor) certification.

Go visit our Tai Chi Schools page to get in touch with them or find a Clear’s Tai Chi instructor near you.

Clear’s Tai Chi Online is accepting new members, but only until Friday Aug 19th.

You can now join Clear’s Tai Chi online as part of our second test group for only $35 per month.

Registration will close on Friday August 19th at 5pm (est) and you will not be able to join again until our grand opening sometime this fall.

The price will never be this low again.

Click here for details.

Also, as promised, our second free lesson from level 1 is now available as part of our new guide on How to build Chi. This lesson is over 19 minutes long and it covers relaxation, quieting the mind & how to activate yin and yang in the body (intro to 3 powers.) Click here to check it out.

Learn Clear’s Tai Chi Online

Over the last couple months we have been building an exciting new way for people to learn Clear’s Tai Chi.

This new project is a website that offers access to Clear’s Tai Chi videos and forums so that you can learn Tai Chi from anywhere with a high speed internet connection.

You [Read more…]

The legendary Robert W. Smith passed away July 1st, 2011.

Robert W. Smith Punching Wang Shujin

We are saddened to hear about he passing of martial artist and author Robert W Smith. His books and articles were a great contribution to the understanding and awareness of internal martial arts.

You can read more about him over at the Taijiquan Journal.

Free Seminar in a City near you with Richard Clear

Richard Clear will visit several major cites in the US (and possibly Canada.) He will teach private lessons, workshops and hold Free seminars/practice sessions.

We are still working out the details and not all locations have been determined yet.

If you would like to be the first to know about these events or you would like to vote for your city then Click here and sign up to get the latest updates on new workshops.

Master Clear in Albany NY June 3rd

Master Clear will be teaching at this years Tai Chi Gala on Friday June 3rd. 3:30 – 4:30pm

Workshop topic:
Qi Development for 1-Touch Knockouts
Fun games for Qi Energy Development & energetic power transfer (incl knockouts & Fa Jing training), including how to fix the small error that prevents many experienced tai chi and internal arts players from getting the outstanding results they desire (for both health & self defense.)
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What you missed at the Combat Tai Chi workshop last weekend

Those of you who weren’t in Maryville TN last weekend missed a great workshop. Master Clear taught a lot of great stuff including street apps, fa jing, dim mak and more.

Sifu slips the punch and then I go airborn

I’ll post a few minutes of instructional (not demo) video from the workshop as soon as we reach 75 fans on Facebook. Join now and tell your friends! We only need 7 more people to join.

Those of you who followed along on facebook & twitter know what you missed but for the rest of you here’s a look at some of what we worked on:

Day 1

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Live Combat Tai Chi workshop coverage starts tomorrow.

Combat Tai Chi workshop begins tomorrow!

We will be posting live coverage of our Combat Tai Chi workshop on twitter this weekend.

Follow me (Ben) @KunTaoMonkey on twitter to join in the discussion or you can join us on Facebook to follow along.

See you in the morning!

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