4 Ounces Moves 1000 Pounds

4oz Moves 1000lbs

4oz Moves 1000lbs

This DVD contains 2 workshops that where held near Washington DC, in 2013 and in 2017.

Workshop 1

  • 4oz Moves 1000lbs – learn how to use minimal force to manipulate the opponent.
  • Hua Jin (neutralizing) – learn how to neutralize the opponents force when they push or strike you.
  • Borrowing – learn to use the opponents force against them.

Workshop 2

  • Precision Hua (spiral energy) – The greatly enhanced and expanded curriculum on Neutralizing force, shot on location at a private workshop in Maryland, near Washington D.C. This instruction takes you step-by-step, further than ever before on how to subtly Neutralize force while your opponent still thinks he has you. With this instruction, you will even be able to send the force back to your opponent without doing anything extra!


Vol-19-web-CoverIn this 3 disc set Sigung Clear takes an in depth look at the many different jings, energies and expressions of Tai Chi Chuan.

You learn how to use each of these expressions combatively.

…and you learn how to build each of them with the 16 Move Fighting Set or any Tai Chi set you know.

Here are a few of the many different methods taught in this 3 disc volume:

  • Fajing Set
  • Floating Root Set
  • Drunken Tai Chi Set
  • Silk Reeling Set (Chan Si Jing)
  • Iron Body Set
  • Listening Set (Ting Jing)
  • Compressed Spring Kuntao Set
  • Predator Style Set
  • Whip Set
  • Unbending Arm & Body Set
  • Shackled Set
  • and many more…

You are NOT learning new moves or forms on these DVDS.

(Though we do spend a few minutes showing you how to link the the 16 forms of Clear’s Combat Tai Chi into the 16 move fighting Tai Chi set.)

Instead you are learning how to take ANY Tai Chi forms and sets you already know and practice them with the jings, energies and expressions listed above. As well as many others.


Combat Tai Chi Vol 17: Combat Breathing

Tai Chi Combat Breathing

This DVD is an in-depth study of the martial uses of breath in Tai Chi Chuan.

You will learn:

  • Fajing with breath
  • The fighting use of Tai Chi’s “secret sounds” Hen & Ha
  • Advanced Dimmak (breath powered)
  • Using breath to neutralize the opponents strikes
  • Add more power through breath
  • Whole body breathing & Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Connecting breath to movement
  • Using Breath to injure the opponent when they strike you.
  • Controlling direction of breath inside of your body
  • Training the dantien for better breath and aim
  • learn to direct breath to and through any part of the body for more power whenever and wherever you need it.


Combat Tai Chi Vol 16: Carry the Cauldron & Grand Tai Chi

Run Time: 130 min | Format: NTSC DVD-R

Run Time: 130 min | Format: NTSC DVD-R

This is the last of the form videos in our Combat Tai Chi series.

In this video we learn how to fight with the closing of the set. Sigung Clear takes an in-depth look at the moves ‘Carry the Cauldron’ & ‘Grand Tai Chi.’

  • You will learn the fighting methods and vicious street applications contained in these moves.
  • You’ll also learn internal skills to make these methods and applications much more powerful and effective.
  • You’ll learn the Dim Mak contained within these movements.
  • You’ll learn how to ‘pick up’ your root energy use it for Fa jing.
  • And much more…

Combat Tai Chi Vol. 14: Parry & Punch


Learn how powerful the Tai Chi Punch can be. This dvd includes detailed instruction on how to use the Tai Chi move ‘Parry & Punch.’

You will learn:

  • Quick & Effective Street Apps
  • Fa Jing
  • Dim Mak
  • 1 touch KO’s
  • Peng, Lu, Ji & An
  • and More…

Combat Tai Chi Vol 13: Fist Under Elbow


This video focuses on the move “Fist Under Elbow” along with “Snake Spits Out Tongue” and “High Pat the Horse.”
You will learn:

  • Quick & Effective Street Apps
  • Fa Jing
  • Dim Mak
  • Punching & Elbows
  • Peng, Lu, Ji & An
  • and More…

Combat Tai Chi Vol 12: Double Rams Fist


Double Rams fist is a powerful & effective fighting movement.

In this video Sigung Clear breaks down this movement step by step and teaches you how to use it for self defense.

You will Learn:

  • Quick & Effective Street Apps
  • Fa Jing
  • Dim Mak
  • Tsai (Plucking)
  • Peng, Lu, Ji & An
  • Explosive Punching, Elbows and more…

Combat Tai Chi Vol 11: Fan Through Back (and Fair Lady)


In this DVD we take a look at two moves: “Fan Through Back” and “Fair Lady Weaves the Shuttle.”

Sigung Clear breaks down these movements to give you an in depth understanding of how to fight with each of them and how they relate to each other.

You Will Learn:

  • Quick & Effective Street Apps
  • Fa Jing
  • Dim Mak
  • Poison Hand
  • Peng
  • Shoulder & Back Stroke
  • And Much More

Combat Tai Chi Vol 9: Golden Cock Stands on One Leg


Overwhelm your opponent with a devastating barrage of elbows & knees.

This move is a powerful fighting method all by itself. In this video Sigung Clear will teach you how to use this move in the street and you will learn:

  • Quick & Effective Street Applications
  • Fa Jing
  • Dim Mak
  • Fa Jing with Kicks
  • Short Distance Power
  • Ji, Peng, An & Lu
  • Bone breaking Elbows & Knees
  • Quick & Easy Takedowns
  • and much more…

Combat Tai Chi: Cloud Hands

caption caption

Practical Combat Tai Chi Training


Learn to fight with Cloud Hands.

Cloud Hands is often said to contain the essence of Tai Chi. With this DVD you will gain a functional understanding of how to use this method for self defense.

This dvd features clear & in depth instruction on Cloud Hands including:

  • Quick & Effective Street Apps
  • Dim Mak
  • Lu, Peng, An & Ji
  • Steel Wrapped in Cotton
  • Quickly defeat grabs, tackles & attacks from behind
  • Bone Breaking applications
  • and Much More…