Qigong Certification

Clear’s Qigong Certification #1: Energy Activation Cultivation & Flow

To earn this certification the student must demonstrate their skill at activating Qi, circulating Qi and cultivating Qi.

The student must be proficient in the fundamentals of Qigong including:

  • Bone Marrow Washing,  Foot Breathing, Basic Kidney Breathing,
  • Storing & Packing Qi
  • Releasing Tension, Basic Rooting, Basic Body Connection
  • Activating Yin & Yang in the body, Removing Blockages
  • Building, Aligning, Balancing & Storing their energy,

Study Materials: You will need to study both the Chi Energy Book & DVD.

Test Procedure:
Once you pay the testing fee below you will be emailed a link where you can download the test procedure and a list of requirements for the written and video portions of the test.

Test & Test DVD: This dvd contains an overview of everything that is required to complete this test. Use this dvd to help you review and prepare for the test. This is for REVIEW ONLY You will NOT be able to learn these skills from this DVD. To learn these skills you must first study the Chi Energy Book & DVD listed above.

Qigong Certification #1 TEST FEE & Review DVD – $150
Run Time: 25min. | Format: NTSC DVD-R

Your testing fees are included with the cost of the review DVD. Make sure you study thoroughly and are prepared. The cost of retaking the test is $150 so make sure you pass the first time.

Qigong Certification Package

This package contains all the study materials you need along with the review DVD.

  • Chi Energy Book – $25
  • Chi Energy DVD – $65
  • Qigong Certification #1 Test Fee – $150
  • Qigong Certification #1 Review DVD

Qigong Certification Package – $225

Don’t Make the Lower Dan Tien Mistake


A Little Mistake

Many folks, even experienced folks make this little mistake when doing their Chi Kung. It’s an easy mistake to make. It’s also very easy to correct with just a little knowledge.

But first let me back up a little.

One of the primary reasons for doing Chi Kung is to build Chi and store it in the body. Teachers often compare this to “saving money in the bank for a rainy day.”

Everyday you put a little Qi in the bank. Then when you’re old or sick you have a nice big savings stored up and you can use it to stay healthy, active and vibrant.

…but this doesn’t happen automatically. Every time you do your Qigong you need to take the Qi you’ve been working with and building and you need to store it. You need to actually ‘put it in the bank.’

Here’s where folks mess up

They store the Qi in the lower Dan Tien.

They do it because that’s what they’ve been taught.

What most people don’t know is that the Lower Dan Tien is NOT the primary storage place for Qi in the body.

The Lower Dan Tien is great for temporary storage. It’s a center used to direct Qi for use in other places in various ways.

But if you try to use it for long term storage you’re not going to get the full benefits of your Qigong practice. Not by a long shot.

We could talk at length about why some folks feel the need to spread misinformation but I’ll save that for another time.

What do you do?

The most effective place to store Qi is in the bone marrow of your entire body from head to toe.

The best way to do this is with Bone Marrow Washing. Bone Marrow Washing is taught in the program.

We teach the fundamentals of this at the very beginning of the Clear’s Tai Chi curriculum. Tai Chi Level 1 Part 1: Chi Energy Activation Cultivation & Flow:


  • 11. Balance and Correct the Meridians
  • 13. Bone Marrow Washing & Breathing
  • 14. Building Physical Constitution & Chi
  • 16. Packing & Storing Chi

These lessons give you the keys to storing Qi in the body so you can get the most from your Qigong practice.

You can check them out now for $5:


Or you can check out my book: Chi Energy: Activation, Cultivation and Flow and the accompanying DVD.

Improve Your Skills

This beginning foundation is essential for any Qigong or internal practice. However, it’s just the beginning. You’ll see these principles expanded upon and learn to take them to much more advanced levels in our intermediate training. You’ll also see them applied in different ways in different courses depending on the context.

However, Folks who wish to do healing work need to take this much further.

In our Chi Kung Energy Healing course you’ll take this type of skill much further, much faster than in any other program as you learn many advanced healing skills that require this basic foundation.

The healer course is also designed so that anyone can do it. You do not need any previous experience rapidly build these skills.

For more on energy healing check out our Chi Healing DVD Package. You can also attend one of our Chi Energy Healing Workshops.

What do I do with the energy I’ve built from my training?

After practice what do you do with all the energy you have built up?

This is a good question.

After any Qigong or Internal Arts training session it’s important to put away the energy you’ve been working with.

If you don’t, the energy will mostly disperse and you won’t get the full benefit out of your practice.

So putting away the energy is step one.

You will learn some simple exercises to put away your energy in Qigong Lesson 11 of the Internal Combat Arts Course.


If you practice diligently then eventually you will get you a point where simply putting it away isn’t enough.

The energy may be feeling a lot thicker and / or there’s just more of it to the point where you’re having trouble putting it all away.

Next, condense the excess energy into your bone marrow.

Long term ‘energy’ storage in your bone marrow is one of the key components to getting longevity benefits out of your Qigong or Tai Chi practice.

It’s also important for some of the Iron Body benefits of Tai Chi as well.

One of the common Tai Chi and Chi Kung MYTHS is that the Lower Dan Tien is the energy storage center of your body. The indoor teaching is that the Lower Dan Tien is only a temporary storage area. More of a gateway or way station.

The bone marrow (with an emphasis on the legs) is your primary energy storage area.

Qigong Lesson 16 of the Internal Combat Arts course will teach you a beginning (and safe) method for “packing the chi” into your bones.


Also in Level 2 of our Tai Chi program we get into more advanced and powerful ways to condense and store energy.

Is there a best time of day for Qigong?

(I say qigong but this applies to all the internal arts as well.)

It depends on what you are doing.

  • Qigong can leave you wired and awake.
  • Or exhausted and ready for bed. 
  • It can tear down and drain the body like a hard workout.
  • Or it can rejuvenate the body like a weekend at the spa.

And everything in between.

So, What do YOU want it to do?

In the morning use it to gently warm up the body,

…Energize your mind,

and prepare you for the day.

When you eat, use your practice to aid your digestion. Don’t do anything that will focus energy away from the stomach & intestines.

After you work out at the gym your body needs to replenish and rebuild. So any Qigong/Tai Chi you do around that time needs to have a replenishing rejuvenating effect.

In the evening use it to wind down and prepare you for sleep.

(a lot of folks use alcohol to do this but with a little practice Qigong is just as effective and much healthier.)

The key is to understand what each method does.

(not just what you’re told it does but what you feel it doing inside of you also.)

Then match that to the time of day that is most useful for that purpose.

As you develop your practice it will graduate from something you do and become how you do everything else.

If you don’t have a solid qigong practice going yet, I recommend you start with the Chi Energy Book & DVD.


I’m working on a little project (The Internal Combat Course) that involves the Chi Energy DVD. It should be ready for you in the next week or two.

Qigong VS MS

We just got this from one of our long distance students:

“Richard, I wanted to thank you for your Chi Energy Book. 

My best friend suffers from MS and after reading the book I taught her to stand in Wuji and then to do Lifting the Cauldron and Grand Terminus.
In a week’s time she has regained strength in her legs and her balance has improved by leaps and bounds. 

I’m saving up for more of your material and just thought I’d let you know how great it works.”

That’s why we do what we do…

…and there’s a whole bunch more in that book (and DVD) that folks can benefit from.


Take Care,
Ben Sterling