The Iron Palm Questions I Never Answer Honestly.

“How much should I practice each day?”

“This hurts! Should I keep doing it?”

These are the two most common questions we get asked about our Tai Chi Iron Palm training and I have several standard answers:

– 15 – 20min is a good start.
– As much as you have time for as often as you can.
– As much as possible but make sure you can still walk the next day.
– Of course it hurts. Internal Kung Fu is Hard Work!
– Build into it slowly. Don’t over do it. Try supplementing your training with some of the Internal Iron Body stuff. It will help.

These are often the most helpful but they are not the most truthful answers.

The real answer to both is…

(and this is just between you and me. Please don’t tell anyone.) [Read more…]

Tai Chi Iron Palm Video

Here’s another clip from our new dvd Internal Iron Palm in 100 Days.

This 2 Disc DVD includes:

  • Tai Chi Internal Iron Palm 100 Days Method
  • Training After 100 Days
  • Tai Chi Iron Palm Street Applications
  • Speed Training
  • and more…

How to Choose an Internal Iron Palm Liniment

When looking for our Iron Palm Jow I tried numerous Iron Palm formula’s to find the one that we are recommending on or Internal Iron Palm DVD.

There are jows that are designed to protect and coat the hand and completely seal off the lao gong and finger points.

This kind of jow is not good for internal work because sensitivity is negated in the practitioner.

There are also jows that are designed to make the chi go to the hand and then express which helps create great ability to transmit energy but does not protect the hand or internally build the hand because almost all of the energy gets expressed. You had better have a lot of great Chi building exercises and be practicing them every day to use this kind of jow or the eventual depletion of chi will most certainly make you sick. My study on a lot of masters who have used this kind of jow is that although they are quite powerful they tend to die very young.

Now for the jow we have chosen to use. It helps the lao gong and finger points to open so that you can feel and express to and through an object / person while at the same time allowing the practitioner to keep a nice residual amount of Chi in the hand.  It does not overly draw energy from the body meaning that the as long as the Internal Iron Palm is being practiced correctly the practitioners health is not at risk. Also, this jow does a very nice job of covering and protecting the hand making it easy to correctly break with no side affects or harm to the practitioner.


Tai Chi Iron Palm Workshop

The first day of our last Combat Tai Chi workshop was focused entirely on Iron Palm, and everyone there had a lot of fun working with this subject.

I’ll post some video clips on Tai Chi Iron Palm as soon as I get a chance to go through some of the footage from the workshop, and you can expect a DVD on the subject later this month.

There are many different methods of Iron Palm and even a number of different Internal Iron Palm methods, but last Friday we focused exclusively on Iron Palm training methods found in Tai Chi and how Tai Chi approaches this subject.

Tai Chi Internal Iron Palm

Sigung Clear Demonstrates a Tai Chi Iron Palm Application

One of the coolest things about Iron Palm training in Tai Chi is that Tai Chi sets are some of the best Iron Palm forms out there. So there’s no need to find and learn a separate Iron Palm form. Once you understand the principles for developing this skill you simply use the Tai Chi set that you already know.

Since we started talking and writing about Tai Chi Iron Palm and Iron Body training we’ve had several folks call or write to us asking how it works. They want to understand how we are able to get results without striking our hands on materials the way external methods are trained.

Internal Iron Palm

Sigung Clear Demonstrates Another Internal Iron Palm Application

Internal Iron Palm

Sigung Clear launches his training partner across the room for safety, but normally all the force of this application would be directed inside an attacker to damage the internal organs instead of moving them.

The simple short answer is that we use our mind intent to stimulate a change in our hands and body instead of using physical trauma they way external methods do.

Click here for Sigung Clear’s answer to this question & to find out how long it takes for this type of training to produce results.

Tai Chi Internal Iron Palm

The first thing to know is that there are several different kinds of Tai Chi Internal Iron Palm. All of the real Tai Chi Internal Iron Palm methods are relatively secret methods that are trained quite differently than external Iron Palm methods.

Tai Chi Internal Iron Palm methods are quite different from external iron palm methods. Most external iron palm involves impact / hitting training in order to build the iron palm. The external striking methods of training are not healthy in the long term. Also, most external iron palm training is designed to simply be a heavy hand hit.

Most internal iron palm methods train how to transmit and control the direction and amount of energy transfer giving the practitioner a lot more control over how much damage is imparted. Due to the combination of long term health and the ability to control the strikes I prefer the Internal methods.

Here is a partial list of some of the different types of Tai Chi Internal Iron Palm:

  • Cotton Palm,
  • Poison Hand,
  • Vibrating Palm,
  • Crushing Palm,
  • Yin and Yang Universal Energy Palm,
  • Springy Palm,
  • Spiral Energy Palm ( in front of a crowd of people I touched one of our students with this one and watched in amazement and a little horror as he spun away from me more than 10 feet away and continued to spin as he hit and rolled across part of a wall. He was okay but it was a lesson in how potent proper energy manipulation can be.),
  • Steel wrapped in Cotton (which actually extends through the entire forearm),
  • Fa Jing energy Palm.

When properly trained the body can also exhibit some of these types of energy and an expert can express these energies from almost any part of their body at will.

There are a number of essential skills that are required in order to develop various Tai Chi Internal Iron Palm methods. The ability to feel and manipulate energy is an essential requirement for this kind of training. This involves a deep understanding of Sung relaxing, Peng internal connection and rooting jings. Also, being able to feel, understand and work with energy flow through various acupoints including but not limited to the Lao Gong in the palms, the Yong Quan (Bubbling Well) in the feet, the Hui Yin between the anus and genitals and the Bai Hui on top of the head is essential to develop the real internal Tai Chi Iron Palm.

Many people who practice and teach Tai Chi do not know about these palms or the training required to obtain them due to the secrecy surrounding the methods. I also find that many people who have trained in Tai Chi for years do not understand the real Tai Chi basics enough to be able to learn these palms without relearning much of what they thought they knew about Tai Chi. I will be adding a post about the how and why of this situation in the near future.