The Shortcut Myth (it’s not what you think)

“There are no shortcuts in Kung Fu.”

I bet you’ve heard this before. I know I have.

And I would almost agree.


What do you call the direct route when no one else knows it?

It’s not really a short cut. It’s just how you get there.

Like taking the freeway instead of the scenic route. You’re going 75 mph while everyone else is winding their way through the mountains at 30 mph. switchback after another…

up the mountain, down the mountain, then back up again. Over and over and over.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the scenic route… When I have time.

But if someone told me I had directions to the freeway and I ended up on some one lane road in the middle of nowhere, I’d be pissed.

There are no shortcuts in kung fu ONLY if you know everything already.

I know I’ve still got a few things to learn…

So I always keep an eye out for that freeway sign.

Even Sigung Clear is still learning. Now more than ever. He’s constantly looking for the next level of information. Filling in more pieces of the puzzle.

And always looking for better ways to teach the things he already knows, in the hopes that his students will one day catch up to him.

If you feel like you’ve been on the scenic route a little too long…

Try the freeway for a change.

It’s still hard work,

But you’ll get there a lot faster.

The Fa Kung Healing course is packed with information and skills that would normally take folks months or years to learn, but we can teach it in a 3 day workshop. (by video it will take a bit longer.)

That may sound like a shortcut but it’s really just high quality information taught in the most effective way we know how. (Sigung Clear has been teaching this method for 20 years after all.)

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Take Care,
Ben Sterling

How do you know Qi isn’t just your imagination?

I began teaching Fa Kung Universal Energy Healing back in 1996 and over the last 20 years I’ve heard many different questions about Qi and energy healing.

Here’s one that comes up regularly from people who have not had previous experience with high quality energy healers.

“How do you know you can really Sense/heal/interpret Chi and it is not just your imagination?”

Most people have some amount of arthritis due to general wear and tear and old age.

Energetically arthritis has a very specific sensation.

That sensation is very different from other sensations.

In a blind test, practitioners of my Fa Kung Healing method can easily feel where someone has arthritis and can distinguish the difference between arthritis and other conditions such as neuropathy (loss of sensation usually due to poor circulation and loss of nerve conductivity.)

The treatment method for these two conditions is also quite different. Arthritis is treated by drawing off the stress and neuropathy is treated by encouraging chi flow and circulation to the area.

I teach this method in great depth in my Fa Kung Healing DVD package.

This DVD set will be on sale for 3 days, starting March 15th.

Take some time to practice my Internal Push Hands method over the weekend.

The sensitivity you build from Internal Push Hands will speed up your progress with the Fu Kung healing work (as well as many other skills.)

The basics of how to play are in the second week of The Practical Guide to Internal Power.

Best Regards,
Richard Clear

The Danger of Acupuncture

There are many types of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM.) The healing method I wrote about yesterday is what’s known as a Fa Kung (emitting work) method.

It specializes in releasing and focusing energy to another person for the purpose of helping them to heal or repair an injury or illness.

Most emission training available today is taught in acupuncture schools. It involves the acupuncturist focusing their energy through the needles and into the patient.

However, I have spoken with many acupuncturists and find that most do not utilize qi emission in their practice.

The reason is that most acupuncturists are taught to build, focus and transmit their own physical energy into the patient.

This is dangerous.

If the acupuncturist continues to treat patients without replenishing their qi they become quite ill.

The problem is that running even a small practice requires hours of qigong everyday to replenish this loss. Money, family and time constraints tend not to allow the practitioner enough time to replenish their energy.

Fortunately, this is not the only way to do Fa Kung.

The Fa Kung method in my energy healing course is actually healthy for you. It is practiced a bit differently and does not use your personal store of energy.

First you connect to the ambient universal energy and then focus and emit it like a fire hose hooked up to a fire hydrant instead of just a 10 gallon tank.

The result is that the practitioner gets healthier as the energy passes through them while doing the healing work.

Since I began teaching this method 20 years ago, I’ve taught a lot of acupuncturists and energy healers of various types who have used this method into their work. Not only do they report a significant increase in the results of their clients, they also enjoy large improvements to their own health and well being.

At the end of April I will teach this method in an intensive 3 day workshop.

This workshop is appropriate for all levels of experience.

Go here to see details and register:

If you can’t make the live training, watch for the our Fa Kung Healing Package DVD sale March 15 – 17.

Best Regards,
Richard Clear

What is Qi Healing & How Does it Work?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) qi is the generic term for the various types of energy that power our bodies including the bio-electrical and chemical processes that are the “alive” aspect of our biology.

Without qi (energy) we are just a collection of organic matter (skin, bones, etc).

Qi is responsible for the repairing and healing of our body.

In TCM you’ll often see illness described in terms of qi imbalances or blockages.

Treating these issues can involve balancing the qi, removing blockages and focusing qi to areas that need it.

Different types of TCM will accomplish this in different ways. Herbalists, for example, will use herbs to stimulate the qi while an acupuncturist will use needles.

One branch of TCM called Fa Kung (emission work) specializes in working directly with the qi.

You can see an example of this in the lesson “Strengthen Mind Intent & Heal Others” of The Practical Guide to Internal Power:

Fa Kung Universal Energy Emission and Transmission is one of the older and more secret schools of qigong. It includes how to absorb, build, emit and heal with qi. This includes sensing, interpreting, balancing & healing specific injuries & illness with qi.

A fa kung qi healing practitioner can remove blockages and focus qi directly to any area that needs it. The basic healing method involves several steps.

1. The practitioner scans and feels the subtle energy field and feels for disturbances and differences in the field.

There are as many different sensations as there are injuries and maladies. The initial learning process for this must be directed by an experienced teacher who can help the beginner decipher and interpret what they are feeling.

2. Either pull out the blockage and any accumulated stagnant/negative and then replace it with Universal Qi or simply focus Universal Qi to the area.

3. Seal the area so that the Qi can flow and the energy field is put back into its natural state once again.

Does Qigong completely cure every malady known to man including broken bones protruding through the skin and allow people to live to be several hundreds of years old?

No, of course not! Every type of TCM has it’s strengths and weaknesses.

Normally it is best to get broken bones physically set by an emergency care physician who specializes in such things.

So far I have not found an ancient 200+ old qigong master or anyone even close.

What I have found are teachers in their 80’s and 90’s that are still very spry and healthy leading very full active lives.

In our culture I see a lot of folks between the ages of 29 and 79 who look like they are many years older than their birth age and who have many physical problems that they have to deal with on a daily basis.

My Fa Kung healing course you’ll learn how to use this powerful healing method, not only for your own health and wellbeing, you’ll also learn how to help others benefit from this method.

Next week (March 15th) this course will go on sale for 3 days. Be sure to keep an eye out for it.

Best Regards,
Richard Clear

5 Steps to build Qi Healing skill in 3 days.

Here’s a look at the 5 steps we use to build energy healing ability at our 3 day immersion workshops on Universal Healing Chi Kung.

Step 1: Learn to feel the energy of yourself & others.

We begin by having the practitioners do a lot of Chi Kung designed to build chi and chi flow so that they can easily feel their own energy.

Then, the students learn how to feel the energy of others.

In the workshop environment it is easy to learn because everyone else is also flowing chi so the overall resonance is much higher and much easier to feel.

Step 2: Learn to feel different sensations within the energy field.

Once the practitioner can feel the chi of others, then we train how to build sensitivity and to distinguish between common but distinctly different sensations such as arthritis and temperature differences.

This is easily accomplished in the workshops because most folks have some arthritis and some amount of kidney imbalance due to age and lifestyle.

Then, the students learn how to diagnose the different common sensations felt.

Step 3: Learn to recognize the energetic signature of common ailments.

Once you get the feel of a particular energy then you learn to recognize it. Once you have felt hot compared to cold then you recognize heat when you feel heat again.

The next thing we do in the workshop is work on how to distinguish one type of a similar sensation from another. For example the heat put off by muscle or nerve inflammation is different than dry heat from a lack of water and too much caffeine intake.

Earn your Energy Healing Certification.

Earn your Energy Healing Certification.

Step 4: Build your catalog of sensations.

The student is able to gain a certain basic level of skill during the workshop and then of course will build and refine their practice at home.

The nice thing is that once you learn to recognize a certain sensation, such as the feel of dehydration and caffeine, then from now on you will recognize that sensation for what it is and get better and better at discerning finer details about it.

In this way you build a personal catalog of sensations and what they mean.

Our more advanced practitioners eventually get good enough that they can tell the difference between the feel of a coke and coffee in a person’s kidneys and they can tell approximately how much the person had to drink.

Step 5: Learn to manipulate energy & learn to work on common ailments.

Once you learn how to feel and diagnose, then, it is a simple step to learn how to manipulate the energy. In the workshops the students learn and practice specific energy hand methods to treat a number of basic common ailments.

Students also learn a specific chi kung method for tumors and cancers. I have had several students work with cancer patients with great effect including full remission of the cancer.

The basic methods are simple enough that everyone completes the course with a good working knowledge of the material.

The course includes a guide book that has a synopsis of the full healing method and 3 months of free consulting time to get help and answers to questions regarding the healing work. You leave the course with ability but to gain higher level skill you will have to practice at home.

Many students return to the workshop multiple times to get a tune up, refine and hone their skills.

Learn these skills at our Healing Workshops

Come learn these skills and become a Fa Kung energy healer before the month is out.

The reality of Qi – Belief is not required

There’s a bunch of crazy stuff out there.

Studying the Internal Martial Arts is the exploration of a world that stretches the imagination and dives head first into things our scientists are only beginning to discover.

An open mind is a prerequisite.

You must ‘empty your cup’ and question the assumptions you have made about what is and what is not if you want to get very far.

That being said, Belief is NOT required.

For martial skills it’s kind of simple:

“Does it work against a crazed maniac who’s trying to take my head off with a machete?”

On the health side, things are often a little more vague because Belief & Faith can have very powerful effects on someone’s health.

But the question is similar:

“Does the healing method work on someone who thinks you’re full of it?”

Twice a year we teach folks just such a healing method. Students learn to feel someone’s energy field and diagnose injuries and illness. Then folks learn how to work with the energy. removing blockages, fixing problems and getting things aligned properly.

No belief required.

I know it sounds crazy but anyone can do it. All you need is some decent training and practice.

That’s why we guarantee results at our healing workshops.

The next workshop will be April 29, 30 & May 1, 2016.

This also marks the twentieth year that Sigung Clear has been teaching this Fa Kung method.

So on March 15 – 17 we’ll have a 20th anniversary sale on the Fa Kung DVD package.

Take Care,
Ben Sterling

Energy Protection – 7 Steps

How you protect your energy or Energy Protection is probably the # 1 question that I get asked by folks who are already energy healers.

It is a common theme that energy healers, including massage therapists and chiropractors, who have their hands on ill and otherwise troubled people for hours every day become more sensitive and are invested mentally, emotionally and financially in their work. As a result they begin to pick up negative feelings, emotions and energy from those who they are attempting to heal. Over time many serious health professionals tend to feel weak and overpowered by the negative energy of others, and of course, then they look for Energy Protection methods.

I will present some Energy Protection methods here to try to help. Realize that the methods I am presenting here are very basic and should be expanded upon.

  1. When you work with / on someone make sure that they want the healing work and that they are willing to do their part in the healing process. Essentially the energy worker is a facilitator not the healer. The individual is the healer. This must be understood by both parties for real healing to occur. The energy worker may need to make a living from what they do but that does not lessen the personal responsibility of the person who is seeking to be healed. So, part of the treatment process is establishing this and acknowledging “what” the individual seeking treatment is doing and can do for healing.
  2. If my job is to massage and/or release tension, strain etc then my work is to do that. When the individuals energy flows freely again I do not let it flow into me. Instead I let the released physical and mental energy flow through them and out of them into the ground or back to source where it is renewed as energy without any good or bad intent. As a healing practitioner I make sure that the recipient of a treatment understands all of this. So, the recipient knows that I will not be receiving their negative energy.
  3. I establish an environment that is predicated on items 1 and 2 of this post and if the individual wants me to work on them without meeting their personal responsibility to themselves and to me as a facilitator then I will not work with / on them.
  4. Part of establishing the correct environment is that the individual / student / patient has work to do. Even if their job is only to relax and breathe then they need to do that job. Commonly in my own practice I have students perform and utilize posture (usually Wu Chi), relaxation, breathing, and various forms of mental focus or attention while I am working on / with them.
  5. Prepare your own mind and body in a very correct state before performing any healing work. I actually tend to charge the air around me with this same energy so that I am protected by an energy shield as well as being in a mental and spiritual state that is difficult for others to penetrate.
  6. If you are not able or strong enough to do this then under normal conditions you are probably not strong enough to heal at this time and should refrain.
  7. If I pick up some negative energy from the student / patient / individual then I immediately stop and work to get it off and out of me through utilizing my own focus, breathing and posture as well as prayer and cold water washing down my arms. I have the student / patient / recipient continue to do their part while I am dispelling the negative energy.

To expand on the Energy Protection methods I recommend that you study materials such as my Protect Your Energy video and study the sections of my Chi Energy book that are designed specifically for this purpose. Also, spend some time with a Master healer who understands and can apply the more advanced methods of mind intent including Yi or I and Shen.

I have students who have picked up on some of the advanced methods without any explanation just because they spent time with me while I was working on / with someone. Students that I have allowed to do this are able to perceive my mind intent working and filling the area and been able to learn how it feels to the degree that they are able to duplicate some of the effect. I do have a program that is designed to teach others how to duplicate this but I have found that it has to be studied one on one through direct transmission.

Eventually with understanding and practice you will be able to Protect Your Energy and really direct and affect the mental and spiritual energy by your thoughts alone. You must be able to feel the energy and mentally be able to direct the energy first in a very real way. I have met many who say that they can do this and then when I ask them to manipulate or push me with their mind or energy or even just send real energy to me they are unable. Tangible real results and affects can be accomplished.

So few have real ability because they have allowed themselves to be fooled into thinking that a very small amount of ability and a bit of mental thinking is a lot more ability than they really have. Real and truly powerful results can be gained but the real work to get it must be done first. I have spent the majority of my life researching these skills and reaped the rewards for having done so. I am offering to help those of you who are serious to get the same impressive results. I am able to help you accomplish these skills with much less time and money than I had to spend just to find quality teachers. But, there still is a cost in time, money and commitment that is required in order to get the real high level skills. Finding a skilled teacher is often difficult and finding a skilled teacher who is willing to teach you is often another level of difficulty altogether.

I am not the most skilled practitioner of these arts on planet Earth by a long shot. I am not willing to teach every last person who walks in my door. You must be of good moral and ethical character desiring to help and protect yourself and others. You must also be very understanding that I am a human being with an American mentality with a family and bills (including business overhead such as paying for a building and an internet expert who works for me full time) and have to get paid for my time, effort and knowledge.

As a teacher I am very open and I have worked and continue to work (for over 30 years now) very hard to attain the best skills and ability that I can. I believe that my skill shows best in the quality of the students and practitioners that I produce.

I sincerely wish you good training and excellent results.

What is Pranic Healing?

Prana is a Sanskrit word that means life-force and is the term for energy mostly found in Yoga. This is the invisible bio-energy or vital energy that keeps the body alive and in a state of good health. The Chinese, in acupuncture and Tai Chi, refer to this subtle energy as Chi. It is also called Ruah or the Breath of Life in the Old Testament.

Simply stated Pranic Healing is using the mind to influence and adjust the energy state of another person without using any kind of physical touch. Essentially you feel the energy of the other person and mentally make corrections and adjustments so that the healing work is performed by the recipients own bio-electromagnetic energy field going back into proper flow and balance.

A bio-electromagnetic adjustment is essentially what an acupuncturist does with needles except that in acupuncture each needle makes a specific adjustment on a particular area or meridian and it takes many needles and typically multiple treatments to make a proper acupuncture adjustment. With Pranic Healing the entire bio-electromagnetic field can be adjusted all at the same time in one treatment session.

To be a good pranic energy healer you must be able to sense the internal body state and bio-electromagnetic field of others and feel any disturbances in their field and then be able to adjust and manipulate the flow and expression of the disturbances in a manner that eliminates the problem(s) and adds energy and energetic flow back into the field of the person being treated. As difficult as that sounds, to become skilled at Pranic healing is mostly a matter of quality training and practice that becomes a working knowledge and experience.

Training in breathing, sensitivity, relaxation, posture, body and mind states are essential to being able to perform high level pranic healing. One of the fundamental ideas of how the body and energy interact is simply this; if the body has an imbalance it will show up in the energetic field and if the energetic field has an imbalance it will show up in the body. As it is on the inside so it is on the outside and vice-versa. If correction can be made to one aspect then that correction can be reflected to the other aspect. Healthy energy and a healthy body wants to be in a state of health and so they will seek the healthy state. Also, a correction in energetic flow will tend to remove blockages and obstacles to the natural healthy state. Often blockages are simply where tension or breath is held and once a person’s body state is able to let go of the tension and to breathe freely then typically the problems / ill health go away.

Distance Healing Q&A

Dan Eidson asked the following question about Distance Healing. Below his question is my answer.

I know this sounds “out there.” Yet I am fascinated by the study of healing phenomena. Is it possible to transfer bone marrow washing energy to someone else with distant healing techniques?

First let me address the possibility part of the question. I have found that the longer I study and the more I learn the more I figure out that much more is possible than I would have ever imagined. I have definitely learned not to rule anything out because as soon as I do I find myself face to face with someone or something that forces me to change my position on the matter.

This is not to say that I believe everything or a great deal of anything. Quite the contrary. I am a skeptic by nature and I tend to look for the simple and rational answer first and I work hard to poke holes in what I see or think I see and experience. I do this because I am interested in the truth and there is a lot of trickery and nonsense out there to be sure. I find that most of the trickery is based on factual skills and that unfortunately people who want fame, recognition and money more than truth tend to improvise and present trickery as high level ability and skill.

I also find that just because something works does not mean that it works every time and under every condition. Fire exists but not without oxygen. Snow exists but you need freezing temperatures to get snow. I have found that many things are possible but the conditions have to be right.

So, is it possible to transfer the benefits of bone marrow washing energy to someone else with distant healing techniques?

I believe that if you seriously train over a long period of time to gain the ability and work very correctly and very fervently on a regular basis then yes you could transfer the benefits of bone marrow washing to someone else with distance healing techniques.

However, just because something can be done does not mean that it should be done. It is my belief and that of my teachers that the individual person is responsible to heal themselves whenever possible.

So, in the case of Bone Marrow Washing, I could help someone get started with distance healing if it is necessary due to a chronic health problem but as soon as possible they should begin performing Bone Marrow Washing for themselves and I should not be doing it for them.

I hope this helps. Please help stimulate discussion and questions on this.
Best Regards.

Yi or I Mind Intent for Healing

Yi or I means intellectual mind intent.

This essentially means that the mind is used to direct energy and heal in a very precise kind of a way in the same manner that you might pick up a cup and take a drink of tea that you have been drinking while relaxing and taking it easy. You slowly pick up the cup and consider the position of the cup and how you are holding it and then put the edge to your lips and sup a little of the tea and consider how the sensation feels and then drink and swallow the liquid and then slowly put the cup down very deliberately and calmly. This is all done without much in the way of emotion and is performed with what can best be described as contented calmness.

To heal with Yi you first do a mental scan of the person’s body that involves feeling the body state with your mind. This is similar to fine tuning a piano in that on a piano middle C is middle C and has a very definite correct sound and mathematical frequency. The methodology of the healing work is to find and then help the body get back into healthy and correct balance which is a very specific state of being.

In the body this includes using the yi or I mind intent to search for and find any area that is not correct to the natural healthy state of the body. This includes but is not limited to finding such things as blockages, hot spots, cold spots, inappropriate tension, areas that are weak etc.. Once you have found these imbalances then you systematically work to help the individual’s system become balanced by removing blockages and tensions so that their energy can flow and helping inappropriate hot or cold spots to become in balance with the rest of the body energy field temperature. This can also involve such things as holding energy over a weakened area until that area fills with positive energy and becomes stronger again. In terms of internal trauma that has been received this can also mean specifically finding the direction and angle of the trauma and helping it to reverse out of the system.

A skilled energy healing practitioner can use Yi mind intent work to scan the inside of someone and find the imbalances and then mentally make adjustments. Beginners at Chi / Qi Kung healing work use their hands to connect to and to feel and interpret the energy and then use their hands to make adjustments but advanced practitioners are able to focus and use their mind to do all of this. The stronger the Yi / I is then the more profound of a result that can be had in terms of how long it takes and how much improvement and from how far away the healing work can be performed as in the long distance type of healing.