Is Qi Real?

We get a lot of questions about Chi.

Is Qi Real?

That’s an easy one.

The answer is a resounding Yes…

..It’s as real as that chair you’re sitting in. 😉

The bigger questions for a lot of folks are:

  • What is Chi?
  • Am I really manipulating energy with my mind?
  • Is it all in my head?
  • Is it just how my mind chooses to perceive good body mechanics and changes in body state?

These are common questions. They may even be good questions.

But they’re NOT important questions.

There are all kinds apparently magical, mystical, pseudo-scientific, mind bending stuff in the Internal Arts.

Some of it’s BS, some of it’s incredibly useful.

There’s nothing mystical about these arts BUT there are things that seem like magic at first and only after you’ve trained them for a while do they become just another ordinary technique.

The important questions are:

  • Does it work reliably?

If the answer is no then it doesn’t matter how real that skill is.

If the answer is yes, then that leads us to our next questions:

  • How do I build that skill?

Once you’ve got the answers to those two under your belt then (and only then) answering those other questions MIGHT be useful.

Start with a strong practice based on good information from good sources.

The Chi Energy Book & DVD is a very powerful way to do this.

This program explains real high level practices of Chi/Qi/Ki (Life-Force) activation, cultivation, and flow that allow you to personally experience, build, and work with chi energy. Practices are explained in simple detail so that the average person can fully utilize and understand the knowledge imparted. There is a chapter on the role the mind plays in Chi Kung energy work, and a basic definition of the word Chi and related terms.

Chi Energy DVD

For more information on what Chi is check out The Chi Energy Debate

It’s all about Chi, even External

“What’s the difference between External & Internal?”

Ask that and you’ll get some crazy answers.

The most off-the-wall one I’ve heard is that it’s about where the martial art is from. (Come on, really?!)

Some of the better answers talk about breath & energy (chi) but we all breathe, we all use energy. In fact ALL training is about learning how to use energy.

Yes, even External training.
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The secret weapon for lack of sleep …better than caffeine.

I’m exhausted.

But it’s OK. I have a secret weapon.
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Qi Development Lesson 10: The Three Powers, Neutralization & Steel Wrapped in Cotton

The final lesson in our Qi Development Guide teaches you how the Three Powers will add to your neutralization skill and get you closer to Steel Wrapped in Cotton.

Visit the Qi Development Guide to study all 10 lessons in this series.

Lesson 9: Neutralization & Steel Wrapped in Cotton (Tai Chi Iron Body)

The next to last lesson on Chi Development will teach you to neutralize incoming strikes and how push hands training builds Internal Iron Body.

Visit the Chi Development Guide to check it out right now.

Qi Development on Google Plus

Until today only Facebook or Twitter users could access the free Qi Development guide.

Now G+ users can study the Qi Development guide.

We have started sharing the Qi Development lessons on our G+ page. The first lesson is already available. Simply click here to check it out.

The second lesson will be available as soon as the first lesson is shared 10 times. So click the link, share the page and start practicing.

Qi Development Lesson 7: Striking Power

The second workshop in our Chi Development guide begins by showing you how to increase your striking power through Clear’s Internal Push Hands Training.

Click Here to begin training right now.

Lesson 6: Strengthen Mind Intent & Heal Others

The sixth lesson in our Chi Development series talks about how Internal Push Hands training will strengthen your mind intent and how these skills are applied for healing others.

Head on over to the Chi Development Guide to check it out.

This is the last lesson the in the Qi Development for Health workshop. We’ll be back on Tuesday with the first lesson on the fighting application of this training.

Make sure you train the skills taught in this first section because you will need every bit of it for the upcoming lessons.

Until then have a Merry Christmas from everyone here at Clear’s Tai Chi.

Lesson 5: Whole Body Connection

One of the most common errors we see in seasoned Tai Chi players is a disconnect between the upper and lower body at the lower back. This break in alignment is also a common cause of lower back pain.

In lesson 5 Sifu Clear will teach you how internal push hands can fix this error and build whole body connection.

Lesson 5 is available right now on our Qi Development Guide.

Tired on waiting on new lessons in the Qi Development Guide? Clear’s Tai Chi Online Members can get the entire Qi Development guide right now! All 10 lessons including “Lesson 8: Fa jing & Dim Mak” are already available at Clear’s Tai Chi Online.

Lesson 4: How to Lower Blood Pressure

Lesson 4 will teach you to lower your blood pressure with push hands.

If you have problems with low blood pressure watch the warning at the beginning of this video before proceeding!

Head on over to our Qi Development guide and lower your blood pressure right now.