New Videos: Tai Chi Sticking, Push Hands & Fa Jing

In this 5 volume series you will learn to apply the internal energy & skills of Tai Chi against a resisting opponent.

These videos feature 2 person exercises, freestyle drills and games.

These fun and effective training methods will give you the skill you need to apply your Tai Chi movement & internal skills against someone who is trying to counter and neutralize your techniques. Including how to apply Fa Jing while moving at fighting speed.

Vol 1. Tai Chi Sticking

This volume covers the sticking energy of Tai Chi (Tzan Lien Jing) including how to build it, how to train it & how to apply it. Volume 1 is available now at Clear’s Tai Chi Online.

Vol 2. Is about structure, softness & Fa Jing. (Coming in Sep)

Vol 3. Applying Tai Chi techniques (Coming in Oct)

Including Internally dissolving the center

Vol 4. Bridging the gap between sticky hands & self defense (Coming in Nov)

Vol 5. Fa Jing & Fa Jing neutralization.(Coming in Dec)

Internal Spring, Melting, expansion & contraction, heavy & more.

Begin bridging the gap between push hands, sparring & self defense.

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