Master Clear in Albany NY June 3rd

Master Clear will be teaching at this years Tai Chi Gala on Friday June 3rd. 3:30 – 4:30pm

Workshop topic:
Qi Development for 1-Touch Knockouts
Fun games for Qi Energy Development & energetic power transfer (incl knockouts & Fa Jing training), including how to fix the small error that prevents many experienced tai chi and internal arts players from getting the outstanding results they desire (for both health & self defense.)

This powerful hands-on training method will give you instant feedback about what you are doing right and what you need to work on. You will learn how to use it for energy development, power transfer, and fixing that simple error.

It is also an essential tool in quickly building many important skills including: Internal Iron, Deep Root, Uprooting & Neutralizing skills, the ability to “feel inside” someone’s body and manipulate specific targets (i.e. heart, lung, kidney etc… either to heal or do damage in self-defense).. and much more. This workshop will give you an invaluable training tool and provide an excellent tune-up and warm-up for the weekend to come.


  1. Jesse Barnick says:

    Hi! I believe we met in Toronto when we were both certified in Systema in 2003. About a year ago I began to branch my study into the realms of taijiquan and I love everything that I’ve found. Just wanted to say that I’ve been impressed with your youtube videos and really like your presentation of taiji methods as a practical, combative system. I look forward to our paths ever crossing again. Cheers.

    -Jesse Barnick

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