Internal Power DVD

The DVD on internal development & power through push hands that we have been working on over the last couple weeks is almost finished. We just have to put a few finishing touches on it.

I enjoyed getting tossed around by sifu I mean “working on this material” over the last few weeks, and I have seen a significant improvements in my root depth, structural integrity, sensitivity & more. I know you folks will get a lot out of it as well. Below is a list of several of the skills that are taught and trained on this DVD.

One of our students learning how to use positional fa Jing while we were filming.

One of our students learning how to use positional fa Jing while we were filming.

The DVD is a 2 Disc set that is over 3 hrs long (190 – 200 min.) We will begin accepting pre-orders on January 18 and the DVD will go on sale Jan 25.

This DVD is a highly recommended prerequisite to the Combat Tai Chi program. If you are attending the combat workshop on Jan 22-24 And you plan on purchasing this DVD let me know by Thursday 14th ( so that we can have your copy available to pickup at the workshop.

The DVD will cost $189 but if you pre-order before Jan 25 it will only cost $147.

Internal-Power-DVD-coverInternal Power

Developing Internal Power is Essential to Building any Real High Level Skill with Tai Chi.

Normally you would have to work “hands on” with a skilled practitioner to learn & develop these skills.

Until Now

Sigung Clear has carefully designed this 2 Disc DVD so that anyone can learn and develop high level internal skill from a video.

With the Exercises on this 2-disc dvd set you will:

  • Develop Internal Iron (Intro to Steel wrapped in cotton)
  • Develop Positional Fa Jing (send them flying when they try to shove you)
  • Build Deep Root
  • Build internal connections
  • Learn Sensitivity Training methods
    • Learn to feel inside yourself and others
    • Direct force to any place you choose inside an opponents body
    • Learn to feel and manipulate an opponents root
  • Develop the Tai Chi Ground Path
  • Build Uprooting & Neutralizing skills
  • Energy use and manipulation
  • Make these practices soft and internal
  • Internal strength building

In case you missed it here are a few of the articles we have written over the last couple weeks that are related to this dvd:

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