Combat Tai Chi Workshop – What you missed.

Combat Tai Chi Workshop

On my back after some Fa Jing at the Jan 2011 Combat Tai Chi Workshop. Sigung Clear was demonstrating the use of "Needle" in defending against lowline attacks while playing freestyle sticking hands.

Our combat Tai Chi Workshop last weekend was excellent. We used a lot of freestyle sticking/push hands type work to learn how to apply internal principles & energetics against an attacker.

A major theme throughout the weekend was learning how to apply different types of Fa Jing against an opponent who is trying there best to neutralize, dissolve and counter what you are doing.

To see more of what we worked on visit where I posted updates from the workshop throughout the weekend. If you haven’t joined our new facebook page Join Now & tell your friends. As soon as we reach our next goal of 50 members I’ll post another brief instructional clip from our Combat Tai Chi series.

Don’t worry if you didn’t make it out to the workshop. We filmed the entire weekend and we’ll soon have a 5 DVD set on Tai Chi push/sticking hands training including how to apply Fa Jing against a resisting opponent. (available in 2-3 months)

In the meantime we highly recommend studying the material in our Internal Power Package. It contains a bunch of information and training that is very important for being able to quickly learn and apply everything we worked on this weekend.

Don’t miss the next Combat Tai Chi workshop. Begin planning now! Go ahead and mark your calenders for Fri, Sat & Sun March 25th, 26th & 27th and keep an eye out for the “official” workshop announcement later this week.

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