Combat Tai Chi Workshop #1

The first Workshop in our Combat Tai Chi program was a great success. We covered a whole lot of good stuff, and we had fun doing it.

Here’s some of what we covered in the last 3 days.

Street Application – We learned a bunch of different quick & brutal street applications of Tai Chi that can be learned and used quickly.

Sigung Clear explains an advanced Dim Mak principle

Sigung Clear explains an advanced Dim Mak principle

Dim Mak applications – We learned a bunch of different ways to use basic Dim Mak to make our application of Tai Chi even more devastating.

Advanced Dim Mak – we learned how build the ability to hit someone anywhere and direct the force of the strike to any place inside their body that we choose. Training for this was introduced in the Internal Power DVD and these workshops built upon and added to what was taught there.

Poison Hand – We learned a poison hand method that can be found in most Tai Chi movements once you understand the principles.

Leading into Emptiness – We learned several different drills that build the ability to use this skill with any part of the body from any direction.

Fa jing – We learned several different types of fa jing including how to Use Breath & ground path to produce fa jing.


One of my person favorites was working on how to apply the energies Peng, Lu, Ji, & An within the “Rise and Fall” / “Place Hands on Jade Table” movement and then learning to mix and match them as needed.

Steel Wrapped in Cotton – Training for this was began in the Internal Power DVD and this workshop added to this training and built on top of what was learned there.

Whips – We also learned how to use whips in a number of different ways.

This is only a partial list of what we covered. I’ll have some of the other folks who attended the workshop comment as well, and I’ll be posting some video clips from the workshops over the next couple weeks.


  1. Steve Kerr says:

    Thanks for holding the first combat Tai Chi workshop. I felt like it really elevated my understanding of Tai Chi from where it was.
    The combative elements/applications were great, they alone were worth the price of admission, but over the course of the weekend I found that my understanding improved. My understanding of the form(s) and all the little nuances that they contain as well as various jings and other elements. It is very humbling when you get a glimpse at the elements/nature of tai Chi. Thank you for that.
    It was a great (learning) experience for me and I am looking forward to your next workshop.

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