Sept 20-28 08 – Liu Ji Fa – Internal Skills & Freestle Push Hands

Tai Chi Internal Skills & Freestyle Push Hands USA Workshops

With Master Liu Ji Fa from Shanghai, China

In association with:Double Dragon Alliance

Liu Ji Fa

Weekend Workshops

6 hours per day – limited to 40 participants each so register early

1st Weekend – Sept 20 & 21

Push Hands Basics including Rooting skills, Dan Tien work, Breath Work, Softly dissipating an opponents force, Intro to Freestyle Push Hands, Intro to Ma “No Style” Push Hands.

2nd Weekend – Sept 27 & 28

Short Review & expansion of 1st weekend workshop, Freestyle Push Hands Concepts, Principles and Applications, “Yi” Intention Training and practice, “Qi” Energetics in Push Hands. How to use and apply the same energy for Fa Kung (Directing Chi) Healing.

Instructor’s Only Day Camp Sept 22,23, 25 & 26

Liu Ji Fa
“magnetic Chi Energy”
  • Freestyle Push Hands
  • Qi Energetics
  • Yi Mind Intent Training
  • How to Use Push Hands Energetics for Healing
  • Magnetic Chi Energy as demonstrated by Master Liu Ji Fa on video.

Minimum of 4.5 hours per day – Limited to 12 total participants.
There will be lots of Personal Attention and In Depth Explanation. Students will gain real ability at the workshops! Register Early! Space is extremely limited

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Instructor Camp Application.pdf

Liu Ji Fa Camp-flyer.pdf


The workshops will be held in Maryville, TN just 15 minutes from the Great Smoky Mountain National Park

map (Maryville is closer to the Knoxville airport than Knoxville is.)

Hotels and lodging

For hotel information contact Richard Clear: or call (865) 379-9997

Dates, Times, and Cost

Workshop 1
Sat & Sun Sept 20th & 21st

Workshop 2
Sat & Sun Sept 27th & 28th
10:00-1:00 & 2:30-5:30
6 hours per Day
$249 per Workshop

Instructor Camp
Includes both Weekend Workshops and
Mon, Tues, Thu, and Fri Sept 22nd, 23rd, 25th and 26th
11:00-1:00 & 2:30-4:30 4:30 – 5-Q & A
4.5 Hours per day – 42 hours total training time
$1295 – Limited to 12 participants
Due to the limited availability we recommend you register early!

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