The Root of Internal Power

Continue your Internal Power training with The Root of Internal Power (Formerly titled as “Internal Power”).

Sigung Richard Clear has expertly designed this series of drills and exercises so that you and a training partner can learn and develop high level Rooting skill from home.


Follow along as Sigung Clear teaches two complete beginners who have no previous rooting experience. Watch as the drills, exercises, and games on these 2 DVDs yield nearly instant results. Use the exact same series of drills and games to start Rooting immediately, and build even stronger and deeper Root over time.

Even if you have never Rooted before, the instructions in this 2 DVD set can rapidly build your Root. Learn how to Root strongly, build a deeper and deeper Root with every training session, sense your own Root depth, sense and manipulate your partner’s Root, and more.

With the Exercises on this 2-disc dvd set you will:

  • Develop Internal Iron (Intro to Steel wrapped in cotton)
  • Develop Positional Fa Jing (send them flying when they try to shove you)
  • Build Deep Root
  • Build internal connections
  • Learn Sensitivity Training methods
    • Learn to feel inside yourself and others
    • Direct force to any place you choose inside an opponents body
    • Learn to feel and manipulate an opponents root
  • Develop the Tai Chi Ground Path
  • Build Uprooting & Neutralizing skills
  • Energy use and manipulation
  • Make these practices soft and internal
  • Internal strength building


Here are 2 video clips demonstrating just a little of what is taught on this dvd.


  1. Walter Barnett says:

    For whatever it’s worth I would love to learn from these training videos but as a senior on a fixed income – the price is way out of my range. How can I get this kind of training for a more affordable cost. I’m not begging – just trying to improve my Taiji knowledge. Thanks & Merry Christmas!

  2. I am beginning to realize that root development and management is the foundation of internal martial arts. Thus I want to learn it better and I love what I see on your videos and have employed it. Though I am in a class I cant count on having a partner to work with on all of the info on the dvd. For this situation how much more can I learn that’s not on your online videos. Or would you direct me to another root building dvd that would benefit me more.

    • Matt Holker says:

      Hi Tommy,

      For building deep and powerful root, there is no better or faster way than the Root of Internal Power, but you do need a partner to work with. To build and maintain your root without a partner, I would recommend the Internal Iron Body course. Correct practice of that method will build your root over time. Use that as your daily bread and butter practice, and use The Root of Internal Power to make huge leaps and bounds whenever you can get with a partner.

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