Combat Tai Chi Vol 5: Brush Knee


On this dvd you will learn:

  • Quick & Effective Street Applications
  • Fa Jing
  • Dim Mak
  • Dotting
  • Stamping
  • Lu, An & Ji
  • Simple Arm Breaks
  • Easy Takedowns
  • And Much More…

Combat Tai Chi: Wild Horse Tosses Mane



Learn how to fight with the move “Wild Horse Tosses Mane.”

This DVD features Clear & in-depth instruction in:

  • Dim Mak
  • Fa Jing
  • Whips
  • Bone Breaking
  • Quick & Dirty Street Apps
  • Shoulder Stroke (Kao)
  • Tai Chi Throws
  • and More…

Tai Chi Entries & Trapping


On this DVD Sigung Clear gives you clear & in depth instruction on the principles that Tai Chi uses to enter & trap an opponent.

You Will Learn:

  • Tai Chi Entry principles & freestyle drills & exercises
  • Specific Entries for Moves in the Clear’s Combat Tai Chi Set
  • Tai Chi Trapping
  • Hidden Trapping
  • Internal Trapping
  • And More…

Combat Tai Chi Vol 2: Rise & Fall


In this video Master Richard Clear breaks down the movement “Rise & Fall” a.k.a. “Place Hands on Jade Table” and teaches you just how deadly it can be.

You will Learn:

  • Quick & Effective Street Applications
  • Dim Mak
  • Fa Jing
  • Poison Hand
  • Use Peng, Lu, Ji & An to enhance your street applications
  • Power Displacement
  • And Much More…