Beginning Tai Chi for Health

Beginning Tai Chi for Health – This package is no longer available.

Build a Strong & Healthy body with Clear’s Tai Chi.

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This package contains everything you need to begin building a strong Tai Chi & Qigong practice.

“…it’s a wonderful tool for anyone who has interest in Chi Kung, tai chi, health, healing, energy medicine or longevity. Sifu Clear’s explanations are simple and precise. As a Board Certified Acupuncturist and Doctor of Chiropractic I can whole heartedly say “use this for what ales you”. Sifu Clear obviously knows what he is talking about and deserves a doctorate degree for his knowledge in the internal and external arts of healing and self defense.”
-Dr Conrad Bui (talking about the book ‘Chi Energy Activation, Cultivation & Flow’ by Master Richard Clear

This package includes:

  • Chi Energy Book – $25
  • Chi Energy DVD – $65
  • The Big 8 Move Set (DVD) – $45


  1. I was just wondering if the big eight dvd has any application in the instruction? And also what are the movements that make up the big eight? Thank you very much.

  2. Does your chi energy dvd contain the same amount of information that is in the chi energy book.

    • The Chi Energy DVD contains the exercises that are taught in the book along with other related information that is more easily taught on film than in writing. They are designed to complement each other and each contains information the other does not.

  3. Tempest Burden says

    Hello Ben,

    Can chi Be used to regrow teeth.

    • Adam Kofoid says

      Yes Qi can be used to regrow teeth. After all what do you think was the primordial energy in your teeth creation in the first place. I have often stated that hydrogen-peroxide and baking soda seemed to help my teeth re-constitute strength. The dentist would tell me *NO* there is absolutely no way in which teeth can be re-constituted. Now they market on an angle that fluoride ions can in fact re-constitute tooth enamel. The truth is that the medical industry is a tool to the moguls who control the banks. Through prayer, or baking soda and hydrogen-peroxide; or whatever, yes if you have faith, and will to persevere, Qi will act as an agent to regrow your teeth. You have to trust in those who are willing and able to help you, as well as your own intuition. In that way, Nothing is impossible; Qi can regrow your teeth.

  4. Tempest Burden says

    Hello Ben,
    Let me expand apon that. Refering to teeth with Cavities can enamel be regrown/restored back to it’s original state,

  5. Are these lessons fundamental before beginning any thing like iron body or iron hand?

    • No, but the training is based on the same principles so they might be helpful and there is some overlap. (I assume you’re talking about Tai Chi’s version of Iron body & palm)

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