Tai Chi Bone Breaking

Tai Chi Bone Breaking techniques include but are not limited to bone breaking through leverage, extension, hyper-extension, pressure, rotation, weight drop and impact.

A leverage bone break can occur by using the (force) or the practitioners applied weight or pressure to cause the break. Brush Knee, Needle Searches Sea Bottom and Parry are good simple examples of this.

A leverage break can also occur by using the (load) or weight of the recipients body. Wild Horse Tosses Mane, Cloud Hands and Carry the Cauldron are all good simple examples of this.

Last but not least, a leverage break can occur at the (Fulcrum) or middle point of the lever. Wild Horse Tosses Mane and Carry the Cauldron can be used this way also. Fan through the back and Grasp Sparrows Tail are excellent simple examples of this.

Rise and Fall, Strum the Lute and Monkey Retreats (not Repulse Monkey) are excellent simple examples of moves that can be used to get a simple weight drop impact break.

I certainly do intend to stimulate discussion with this post. Please add posts / comments of other breaks and breaking methods with various Tai Chi Bone Breaking Moves.