Solo Training: How to Build Iron Body & Internal Power without a Partner

One of the most common questions we get is:

“I don’t have a training partner, Can I build Internal Power?”

First, there are limitations to how much you can progress without a partner. Part of your regular training routine should be dedicated to finding additional training partners.

However, you should never let an absence of partners stop you from training.

Qigong exercises and forms are the two most common ways to train by yourself.

Unfortunately, far too many people simply perform the movements of their Tai Chi sets or their qigong and that simply isn’t enough.

The key to getting benefit from these types of practices is to know exactly what they are designed for, how they produce the benefits you’re looking for and be able to feel the energy flow or principle you are working on.

So, before you do a Tai Chi set you must first ask yourself which skill you are going to practice while you perform the set.

Is it alignment? Root? Peng? Silk Reeling? Iron Body?

Pick one and focus on just that skill. Make sure you are paying close enough attention that you can find and fix the errors you make during your set.

If you’re practicing Qigong it’s a little different. While the Tai Chi set can be used in many different ways for many different things, A Qigong exercise is usually designed as a very specific tool with a very specific goal.

So with Qigong exercises you must pick and choose which ones will be most beneficial to your goals.

The Qigong exercises in the Internal Iron Body DVD have been carefully selected to compliment each other and maximize your Internal Iron Body and power development.

These are all solo exercises you can train by yourself.

They are taught step by step so you’ll not just learn how to do them, you’ll learn the principles that make them work. So you can apply this understanding to all your Tai Chi.

Iron Body is NOT about getting hit

A lot of folks train Internal Iron Body so that they can take a hit.

This is wrong.

…and it’s missing the true purpose and value of Iron Body practices.

Don’t get me wrong, being able to take a powerful hit without injury is a great side effect.

But it’s not the purpose of training.

Remember, we have to assume the attackers are armed and can hit very hard. So not getting hit is still a top priority even with advanced Iron Body skills.

So, What’s the Point?

Internal Iron Body is about making your body stronger, more connected, healthier and more resilient from the inside out.

Your body is only as strong as the weakest link.

You can have the strongest arms in the world but if you pick up a large object incorrectly you’ll still throw your back out.

Internal Iron Body training is about making you healthy and vibrant and strong from the inside out.

…and filling in all those weak links.

It’s also about power.

When you hit someone, with almost any part of your body, you are now hitting with everything.

And when you issue (with fajing for example), you can issue much more power because your body has the integrity to do so without hurting yourself.

This is why all the internal arts contain iron body methods.

Learn these methods with our Internal Iron Body DVD that’s on sale until Thursday.

What is Internal Conditioning?

What is Internal Conditioning?

What makes it different from External conditioning?

Have you ever had a really sour piece of candy?

Remember how that tasted. Think about it in detail.

If you’re like me your mouth is already beginning to water & pucker as if you’d just stuck that sour candy in your mouth.

And yet there’s no candy.

You just used your mind to trigger a response in your body.

This is Internal.

When we want to strengthen the body we put it under stress.

That stress is a trigger that causes your body to grow stronger.

External conditioning uses things that are outside your body.

  • Bodybuilders lift weights.
  • External Iron Palm guys hit their hands on stuff.
  • External Iron Body guys hit their bodies with stuff.
  • Etc…

Internal conditioning uses things that are inside your body.

It may begin with things that are more physical. Things that aren’t completely internal yet.

Difficult postures, arm swinging or slapping exercises, there are all kinds of crazy stuff like this in the Internal Arts.

They all put different kinds of stress on the body that stimulate it to grow stronger in different ways.

But that’s only part of the goal.

To take your Internal conditioning to the next level you need to pay attention.

FEEL how your body responds to this stress. Feel where and how the energy flows.

Then you can remember & use your mind to trigger the response.

And this is the HUGE advantage that Internal has over External.

With external you MUST put the body under stress to trigger a result and as the body grows stronger you need more and more stress to trigger growth.

As an internal martial artist you use stress when it’s appropriate.

…But as you gain skill (and get older) you let your mind do more and more of the work.

This is exactly how our Tai Chi Iron Body training works.

It begins with various Qigong exercises that cultivate Qi and build iron body.

Then, as you become skilled at these exercises and begin to fully understand the energy flows and the principles behind them you incorporate them more and more into all your Tai Chi.

Then you add them to most of your daily activities.

Eventually, most of what you do in your practice and throughout the day is contributing to your Internal Iron Body in some way.

It’s harder than it sounds, but it’s worth it.

Here’s a Q&A where Sigung Clear talks about how to find time to train:

Internal Iron palm/body through Push Hands

We are finishing up a new DVD on the Clear’s Internal Push Hands method.

Here’s a video clip showing the internal Iron body & palm that you will develop from the methods shown on this DVD. This is not the primary focus of the dvd. It’s just one of the many skills and body qualities that this method builds.

The DVD will be available in late January / early February 2010. To get the latest info about release dates & pre-order specials sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.