Cloud Hands

This is the sixth Tai Chi form in the Big 8 Move Set. It is shown below the way a beginner should practice it. As you progress in our system the way you perform the set will change based on which internal skills your are practicing.

1. As you finish Monkey Retreats step back into the last posture.

2. Turn the back foot so the toe points at a 90 degree angle.

3. Shift your weight to the back foot as the right hand rises. [Read more…]

Combat Tai Chi: Cloud Hands

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Practical Combat Tai Chi Training


Learn to fight with Cloud Hands.

Cloud Hands is often said to contain the essence of Tai Chi. With this DVD you will gain a functional understanding of how to use this method for self defense.

This dvd features clear & in depth instruction on Cloud Hands including:

  • Quick & Effective Street Apps
  • Dim Mak
  • Lu, Peng, An & Ji
  • Steel Wrapped in Cotton
  • Quickly defeat grabs, tackles & attacks from behind
  • Bone Breaking applications
  • and Much More…

Cloud Hands Answers

We were asked a couple questions about the “Tai Chi Moves for Beginners – Cloud Hands” video. One question was about the distinction between waist and hip movement while stepping, and the other was about the orientation of the hands.

Here are the answers. If you have any more question click on the “ask a question” link at the bottom of any post.