Chapter 3 – Traditional Chinese Medicine – TCM

"This is Chaper 3 from Chi Energy - Activation, Cultivation and Flow" In Chinese medicine there are at least five different primary methods of healing and there are numerous other lesser known … [Read more...]

How to Find a Tai Chi Instructor

Tai Chi is becoming increasingly popular in the US and by now most people have heard of its amazing health benefits or of its effectiveness as a self defense method, but with many different … [Read more...]

How to Follow In Order to Lead

Follow in order to lead is one way to apply principle of “invest in loss”. If you will allow the other person to push you into a position without offering any resistance of your own you will tend … [Read more...]

Internal Positioning to Respond Second But Hit First

“The Opponent initiates an attack first and I respond second but hit first.” Position your body according to the Tai Chi principles of Sung “relaxation” and Wu Chi so that if you raise an arm it is … [Read more...]

The Chi Energy Debate

Chi = Energy Is Chi real? In the West many debates have surrounded the idea of Chi and if Chi really exists. Chi is a Chinese word that when simply translated into English means Energy and or … [Read more...]

Liu Ji Fa – Push Hands Video

Here is some video of Master Liu Ji Fa. He will be here in TN from sept 20 - 28 doing several push hands workshops. … [Read more...]