Push Hands Master – 94 years old

Here's some video of a 94 year old bagua master doing push hands. … [Read more...]

Can Emitting Chi make you sick?

Q. What is Emitting Chi? A. Emitting Chi is the practice of releasing and focusing energy to another person for the purpose of helping them to heal or repair an injury or illness. Q. Can … [Read more...]

What is Absorbing & Building Chi?

A. Absorbing Chi refers to the practice of building Universal Chi from the ambient energy around you through specific physical activities, breathing and visualization. First you absorb the Chi and … [Read more...]

What is Fa Kung Chi Healing?

A. FA KUNG Universal Energy Emission and Transmission is one of the older and more secret schools of Chi Kung.  It includes how to absorb, build, emit and heal with Chi Energy.  This includes sensing, … [Read more...]

What is Universal Energy Healing & Chi Kung

Chi literally translates as “energy”. In the Western world today you easily find naysayers and skeptics regarding chi energy and if a person can actually use chi to heal themselves. Chi is … [Read more...]

What is Tai Chi?

What is Tai Chi? Is it a really effective alternative health method? Is it a deadly combat art? Or is it just a bunch of people waving their arms around? Tai Chi is actually an internal Chinese … [Read more...]