The Secret of Advanced Dim Mak & Healing.

There is one skill you need. It doesn’t matter if you’re after internal Dim Mak for self defense or trying to build advanced energy healing ability. You must have this skill. Without it … [Read more...]

What kind of results can I expect from Internal Push Hands?

Last week I mentioned a Push Hands medalist. He went through the training for Clear’s Internal Push Hands before he entered the competition, and he came away with two Silvers. His name is Harry … [Read more...]

Why isn’t my Push Hands working?

There are many different styles of Push Hands games, but they are not all created equal. The most common variations that are played today allow for a lot of external movement. There are people who … [Read more...]

How do you build internal skill?

First you have to figure out what “internal skill” means. By comparison, the external martial arts are easy to figure out. You practice the forms, you do drills and exercises, you build up your … [Read more...]

Tai Chi Internal Wave

Training the Tai Chi Internal wave begins with an external wave and then is refined inwards. Not only is it very martially powerful, this training is a great health exercise as well (like most Tai … [Read more...]

The “Understanding Energy” of Tai Chi (dong Jin 懂勁)

The Understanding Skill of Tai Chi is closely related to the Listening skill (ting jin.) In many ways it’s the next step in training. It’s not enough to feel what’s going on inside you and your … [Read more...]