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Internal Push Hands

Welcome to our new series on internal push hands.

Internal Push Hands is a training method developed by Master Ma Yeuh Liang in order to speed up the internal development of his students.

Sigung Clear learned this method from Master Ma in the early 90’s in China.

Internal Push Hands is now one of the primary training methods taught at our Headquarters here in Maryville TN and Sigung Clear continues to practice it extensively due to the impressive results it provides.

Though we specialize in this type of push hands and teach it to everyone we meet, Sigung Clear has met very few other people who also train this method.

Unfortunately, it seems that Master Ma did not teach this method to many people and it has all but died out since his death.

We are going to fix that.

This method is far to useful to let it disappear like many of the other old-style skills and training methods.

So, study the lessons on the left…

..Find a training partner to share them with…

…and practice, practice, practice.

We recommend 3 – 6 hours of practice with each lesson before you move on to the next one.

Benefits of Internal Push Hands

These are a few of the skills we build using the Internal Push Hands method.

Builds High level Dim Mak, Internal Tai Chi Iron Body, Steel Wrapped in Cotton, 1 Touch Knockouts, No Distance Hitting, Fa Jing, Send Opponents flying with just a touch, Whole body weight transfer, superior neutralization skills, Direct your strikes deep inside the body of others, Builds bone density & muscle mass, Increases body oxygen levels, Lowers blood pressure & heart rate, Energy Healing, strengthen your mind intent & build psychic ability for advanced healing, Bone Marrow Washing, connection of the mind, breath, body & energy, better posture & alignment, High Level Internal Energy Development & Refinement, Builds an immense reservoir of Chi, Learn to feel & manipulate Chi, Build a true understanding of the 3 Powers of Heaven, Earth & man which includes yin & yang and the proper balance and mixture & manipulation of Yin & Yang inside the body (necessary for all advanced tai chi skills.) Speed up your internal development, build advanced internal alignment and body connection, advanced body mechanics, build internal peng, lu Ji & An, Feel deep inside anyone, Quiet the mind, feel an attackers intent, develop high level peng, Nei Kung, Real mind, body & spirit development, better rooting, hide your intent.

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Additional Resources

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Push Hands Lessons

  1. How to Play Internal Push Hands
  2. How to Feel Errors Inside the Opponent
  3. Structure & Relaxation for Basic Peng
  4. Attack Without Leaving Yourself Open
  5. Neutralizing & Using the Opponent’s Force
  6. Make Your Push Hands Internal
  7. Internal Refinement
  8. How to Build Root
  9. How to Move the Opponents Root
  10. How to Hide from the Opponent