Free Energy Healing Consultation

Sigung Master Richard Clear offers a Free Energy Healing Consultation to persons who are seriously interested in Chi / Qi Energy Healing and how a personal session(s) may benefit them.

In the Free Energy Healing Consultation Master Clear will assess your current level of energy and make any suggestions that seem appropriate. During the session Master Clear will answer questions you may have and explain the different kinds of Energy Healing that he does to help you to find what is right for you.

Part of the reason for the Free Energy Healing Consultation is to take the mysticism out of the Chinese medicine and to let participants know how this stuff actually works.

Practicality is the basic mainstay of this type of healing and you will find that there is an emphasis on personal responsibility and how you can help yourself. Many folks are quite surprised by this approach as it is quite different from many types of healing whereby the recipient is asked to return again and again totally dependent on the therapist or to take a pill which often only masks the symptoms of the problem and does not fix the problem. Sigung Clear prefers students over patients and he really works to help students graduate to higher levels of ability and health. At the same time you may need help to overcome something that is hurting or affecting you right now and part of our goal is to help whenever possible as long as it is responsible.

Make arrangements today for your free consultation The worst that will happen is that you will spend about 45 minutes of your time and learn something. These methods are amazing to see and experience. Come see what everyone has been talking about.


  1. kendry smales says:

    Hi, I read with interest your article.
    10 years or so ago a (former) friend hit me in the chest, close to middle heart high, I think, with the ‘1 inch punch”, I believe he wanted to hurt me, didn’t know how hard he would hit and so on,…in any case, 10 years later I do have high blood pressure and low energy. I always wondered if his ill-advised punch was the cause, and if there is anything I can do to un-due the damage. Any working advise would be appreciated.

    • Sigung Clear says:

      Hi Kendry,
      It is possible that the punch is responsible for what is going on. To diagnose and work on this I recommend that you see me or another senior teacher live as for me or anyone else to work on the injury for you we would need to see you in person.

      If the punch is the cause of the health problems then I can most likely help you fairly quickly and then can prescribe some specific Tai Chi exercises that will help finish getting the trauma out of your system.

      The biggest problem is that if the punch is the cause then you have been living with this trauma for 10 years already which is quite a long time for such an injury to become part of your system. It simply means that it may take a bit longer to fix.

      If you are living far away from Tennessee then I can probably recommend someone nearer to you.
      Best Regards.
      Sigung Clear

  2. Hello Sifu Clear,
    Thank you for the informative articles. I’m greatly interested in learned the Ch’i healing techniques both for my own health and to help others. I’m working towards a Physical thereapist/occupational therepist degree,and when I’m a therepist, Ch’i Gong, Nei gong etc would help greatly.

    • Hi Alysha,
      I’m glad you like the website.

      Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Nei Kung can be excellent for physical therapy. We have had several students who have greatly increased their speed of recovery after surgery by supplementing or replacing their physical therapy with our Tai Chi and Chi Kung.

      (All of our students who tried this worked closely with their Physician and their Physical Therapist. Anyone who is considering replacing their physical therapy with Tai Chi / Chi kung should consult with his or her Physical Therapist.)

      For training in Chi Kung I would recommend starting with Sigung Clear’s book Chi: Energy Activation, Cultivation & Flow.

      We also have healing workshops about twice a year and we have a series of videos on Health & Longevity through breathwork that will be available shortly. So keep an eye out for that as well.

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