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  • August
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    • August 22-26, 2018 – Maryville, TN

      Clear’s Internal Push Hands Instructor Training and Certification Camp

      • Cost: $795
      • Date: Aug 22-26

      5 days of in-depth, LIVE training in Qi development and internal skill.

      Topics Covered Include:

      • Feel & capitalize on your opponent’s tension, structure, and balance errors
      • Build internal energy with alignment and root
      • Yi training to target inside the body.
      • Sink the Qi by dissolving
      • Find sung with the energy, breath, mind & body.
      • Feeling inside the body (yours and theirs).
      • Belly breathing & whole body breathing.
      • … and so much more

      Workshop Details: http://www.clearstaichi.com/internal-push-hands-workshop

      September 22 – 23, 2018 – Ypsilanti, MI

      Tai Chi internal Skills Workshop

      In September I’ll be joining Greg Knollmeyer — my long-time friend and Clear’s Tai Chi Regional Organizer — for a 2 day workshop on the Clear’s Internal Push Hands system.

      Not all Push Hands are created equal. Internal Push Hands is a game that gives you immediate feedback, no Tai Chi Master required! It allows you to get literally ANY Internal Skills, and then rapidly build them to a very high level. All you need to do is play!

      BUT — you need to play the right way(s).

      On September 22nd and 23rd I will teach you the rules of Clear’s Internal Push Hands, what makes it a superior method, and how to use the game to build Internal Power in the single fastest / bestest way I’ve found since I started my training (in 1976).

      • Health and Healing: Improve posture, balance, and breathing — and even heal others!
      • Tai Chi Sensitivity: Feel what’s going on INSIDE another person
      • Special Mind Skills: Anyone not in the know will swear you’re psychic
      • Dissolving Center: Erase tensions and Dissolve incoming force
      • Take-home Talent: Use what you get from the game to improve your Tai Chi Form

      Workshop Details: https://clearmartialarts.clickfunnels.com/michigan

      November 16 – 18, 2018 – Maryville, TN

      Chi Energy Healing Workshop

      3 Day (4 Workshops) Intensive Secrets of Universal Healing (empty force) Chi Kung. Covered will be Absorbing, Building, Emitting, & Healing with Chi. Includes sensing, interpreting, balancing, & healing specific injuries & illness with Chi. Certification is awarded upon completion of workshops 1-3. Excellent Results Guaranteed.
      Workshop Details: http://www.clearstaichi.com/qi-healing-workshops