What you missed at the Combat Tai Chi workshop last weekend

Those of you who weren’t in Maryville TN last weekend missed a great workshop. Master Clear taught a lot of great stuff including street apps, fa jing, dim mak and more.

Sifu slips the punch and then I go airborn

I’ll post a few minutes of instructional (not demo) video from the workshop as soon as we reach 75 fans on Facebook. Join now and tell your friends! We only need 7 more people to join.

Those of you who followed along on facebook & twitter know what you missed but for the rest of you here’s a look at some of what we worked on:

Day 1

  • Combat #TaiChi workshop begins with “Fan Through the Back”
  • …and “Fair Lady.” This will be Vol 11 in the Combat #TaiChi series.
  • Fixing position & body mechanics. Keeping the shoulders down and other corrections. #TaiChi
  • “In correct #TaiChi you shouldn’t have to hit them more than once.” –@richardeclear #quote
  • Shoulder stroke then groin hit. (Yes, with crowbar body quality) #TaiChi
  • …then open them up & blast the floating ribs, liver or other internal organs. #TaiChi
  • Quick & simple arm breaks when thay grab you. #TaiChi
  • Lunch break @thetomatohead then more combat #TaiChi with @RichardEClear
  • Don’t forget to relax. #TaiChi
  • Be willing to change. #TaiChi
  • Defending against a ballistic striker. Slip the strike(s) & break their ribs. #TaiChi
  • Mixing & matching “fair lady” & “fan” and playing with the transitions between the two movements. #TaiChi
  • Working on Fa Jing with the upper arm in “fair lady.” #TaiChi
  • Adding dim mak to the fa jing & street apps we’ve been doing all day. #TaiChi
  • Finished up “fan” & “lady” with some shoulder & back work. Now beginning “Double Rams Fist” #TaiChi
  • Shoulders should stay down even when arms are up. Raise the arms then let the shoulders hang. #TaiChi
  • Bone breaking #TaiChi strikes with double rams fist to end the day. Now coffee @SouthlandBooks to stay awake for the #lastfridayartwalk

Day 2

  • FaJing fuel (caffine & sugar) from @SouthlandBooks – Now warming up for day 2 of Combat #TaiChi with @richardeclear
  • Using the bone shields in “Rams Fist” to break an attackers fist when they punch. #TaiChi
  • Most common correction to help someone with a street app… “Do the move just like its done in the set” #TaiChi
  • Using the spiraling in “rams fist” for more power. #TaiChi
  • Breaking the legs of a kicker then dropping them in their head with “rams fist” #TaiChi
  • Making the punch invisible. #TaiChi
  • Pluck with “rams fist.” Great way to take out a jab & knock them out. #TaiChi
  • Working with the elbows in “Rams Fist” #TaiChi
  • Adding Dim Mak to all the street apps. #TaiChi
  • Back from lunch. Working on FaJing. #TaiChi
  • Minimizing external movement & increasing fajing & power. #TaiChi
  • Playing with various types of fajing & making it internal & hidden so they don’t see you move. #TaiChi
  • Now focusing on compression type fajing. #TaiChi
  • Working on Ji & An energies in “double rams fist” #TaiChi
  • Why having the back foot turned out (a common practice in #TaiChi) will destroy your knee & greatly reduce the power you can issue.
  • Using compression with the feet. #TaiChi
  • Adding contraction & expansion to compression for more power & explosiveness. #TaiChi
  • Done with “double rams fist” now beginning “fist under elbow” #TaiChi
  • Rolling forearms destroy whatever’s in front of you. #TaiChi
  • Playing with the relationship between High Pat Horse, Snake Spits Out Tongue & Fist Under Elbow. #TaiChi

Some Fa Jing off of "double rams fist"

Day 3

  • Working with “Fist Under Elbow” street apps that mess with their mind intent in order to expose targets. #TaiChi
  • A functional understanding of mind intent (yours & your opponents) is essential to 1 Touch Knockouts in #TaiChi
  • Street use of “High Pat Horse.” Arm breaks & projecting the force of the hit inside their body to damage specific targets. #TaiChiDimMak
  • Using smaller movement & positioning skills to cut off punches & put them in a bad position. #TaiChi
  • Playing with street apps & continuous fighting method with “snake spits out tongue.” #TaiChi
  • Brunch @thetomatohead (yum) then back to the combat #TaiChi workshop with @RichardEClear
  • Destroying grabs & grapples with “snake spits out tongue” #TaiChi
  • Working with Ji (press) in “Fist Under Elbow.” #TaiChi
  • Working with the #DimMak in “Fist Under Elbow.” #TaiChi

We covered a lot more this weekend but that’s all I had time to post on twitter between running the camera and trying to learn it myself.

All this stuff will be available on our Combat Tai Chi dvds Vols 11, 12 & 13.

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