Killer Tai Chi Special

You Can Develop & Use Chi Flow Power & Speed for Real Self-Defense situations!

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Killer Tai Chi Special $70 $35
2 DVDs | Format: NTSC DVD-R | Total Run Time: 209 min

Introduction to
Combat Tai Chi

Sigung Clear demonstrates why Tai Chi is one of the most deadly combat arts.

Intro to Combat Tai ChiTopics include:

  • Dim Mak
  • Bone Breaking
  • Explosive Speed & Power
  • various Tai Chi Jing demos
    • Large, Medium & Small Frame Tai Chi
    • Fa Jing (Explosive Energy)
    • Rooting, Water Methods
    • Jian Si Jing (Silk Reeling)
    • Ting Jing (Listening)
    • Tai Chi while sitting in a chair
    • Tai Chi while standing in place
    • Tai Chi sword and wind & fire wheels
    • other methods
  • Minimal Force applications
  • and much more…

Run Time: 116 min | Format: NTSC DVD-R

Intro to Clear’s Silat 1 Hit Knockouts

1 hit knockoutsIn this video you will learn Clear’s Silat Internal Power Transfer Methods & Nerve Paralysis Techniques. These are some of the essential building blocks for 1 Hit & 1 Touch Knockouts. The advanced videos build on and add to the knowledge transmitted in this program.

You will also learn essential principles of Clear’s Silat fighting strategy with a short section on how to neutralize strikes received.

This is an Instructional video Not a knockout Demo!

Run Time: 93min | Format: NTSC DVD-R

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  1. Is this the same package that I bought thru TRS

  2. Dear Sirs,
    I am looking for the combat taichi package that sifu Clear did with TRS Direct a while ago( including knife defense ,so-called “bonus ” DVD, is this set exactly the same? if not do you have it? ( as TRS no longer offer it on their website).

    Thanks in advance.

  3. michael hirst says:

    Does the free shipping apply to the UK?, Also how much would the dvd’s cost in sterling?

    • Yes free shipping to the UK.

      I’m not sure what he conversion rate is but a quick search on google should give you the answer.

  4. Isadore Martin Jr. says:

    Hello Sifu Clear,

    I will be attending the Tai Chi Gala in Albany, New York, and I am looking forward to your workshop. Like my current Sifu, I am impressed with your abilities. Fajing, Iron Palm, and Internal Energy Training are three areas I would like to learn more about. Will you be selling the “Killer Tai Chi Special” videos at the Tai Chi Gala? I have a lot to learn, and your expertise will add to my current abillities.

    • I’ll make sure we have a couple copies of the “Killer Tai Chi Special” videos with us.

      We will also have several other DVDs and copies of the book. Because we are flying in the selection and quantities we have with us will be limited. However we will be able to take orders for any of our products and ship them to you when we get back home on monday.

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