Internal Power DVD Pre-Orders

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We are now taking Pre-Orders for the new “Internal Power” DVD. This is a 2 disc DVD set with a total run time of approx. 195 min. These are Pre-Orders so all DVDs will ship on or after Jan 25.

Internal Power

Developing Internal Power is Essential to Building any Real High Level Skill with Tai Chi.

Normally you would have to work “hands on” with a skilled practitioner to learn & develop these skills.

Until Now

Sigung Clear has carefully designed this 2 Disc DVD so that anyone can learn and develop high level internal skill from a video.

With the Exercises on this 2-disc dvd set you will:

  • Develop Internal Iron (Intro to Steel wrapped in cotton)
  • Develop Positional Fa Jing (send them flying when they try to shove you)
  • Build Deep Root
  • Build internal connections
  • Learn Sensitivity Training methods
    • Learn to feel inside yourself and others
    • Direct force to any place you choose inside an opponents body
    • Learn to feel and manipulate an opponents root
  • Develop the Tai Chi Ground Path
  • Build Uprooting & Neutralizing skills
  • Energy use and manipulation
  • Make these practices soft and internal
  • Internal strength building


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