Combat Tai Chi DVD Pre-orders

Save $50 when you Pre-Order before Feb 22nd.

Vol 1A: Standing Dynamics $197 

We are now taking pre-orders on the first Combat Tai Chi DVD. “Vol 1 A: Apparent Opening – Standing Dynamics”

Vol 1 A will officially go on sale on Monday February 22nd for $197. So you have only 10 days to save $50 and get this DVD for $147.

Killer Combat Tai Chi

On This Video you will learn:

  • Quick & Effective Street Applications
  • Steel Wrapped in Cotton & how to combine this quality with the street apps for devastating results
  • Fa Jing using Breath & Structure
  • How to target specific areas Inside the body with internal Fa Jing (Advanced Dim Mak)
  • And Much More…


  1. How long is this DVD Sifu? Do you need to have previous internal art training in order to understand the techniques in and learn them from this DVD?

    • Good question Dan.

      A lot of what’s on this DVD can be learned quickly without any previous internal training. However we highly recommend that folks study the Internal Power DVD before this one. You will get a lot more out of “Standing Dynamics” and you will be able to pick up the more advanced skills much faster if you are already familiar with the material on the Internal Power DVD.

      Runtime: 97 min
      Format: NTSC DVD-R

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