Internal Iron Palm in 100 Days

Secrets of Tai Chi Iron Palm

Internal Iron Palm in 100 Days – $179
Run Time: approx 175 min on 2 discs | Format: NTSC DVD-R

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  • On Disc one you will learn the Tai Chi Internal Iron Palm in 100 Days training method.
  • On Disc two you will learn more advanced training practices for continued training after 100 days and a whole bunch of Tai Chi Iron Palm Applications.

Sigung Clear is a 3rd generation lineage holder in Tai Chi from Lee Ying Arng author of the original book Iron Palm in 100 Days and numerous other works on Tai Chi and Internal Arts

Internal Iron Palm LinimentWe highly recommend using The Oriental Herb Company’s Iron Palm Hand Protector Formula with this training. Instructions for how to use this liniment with our internal training methods are taught on the DVD.

You can order this liniment directly from our shopping cart when you purchase the Internal Iron Palm dvd. Or you can purchase this liniment as well as many other great products from the Oriental Herb Company.

You will see benefits from this method very rapidly and will have a brick breaking level of skill if you practice consistently every day for 100 days. Of course you will see more benefits if you practice for many more days than that.

3 years of consistent everyday practice will produce extraordinary results of a very high level.

Do Not confuse this with other more common Iron Palm methods. Internal Iron Palm is healthy for you and adds power, vitality and ability to you as you train it.

Once you have the Internal Iron Palm as long as your body and mind are still active and healthy you will never lose the ability.

One of the most noticeable and nice benefits of internal iron palm is that to train it does not require you to hit or use materials other than yourself. Your own body, your own movement, your own mind and spirit. Those are the tools.


  1. Why would i need liniment if tthis is internal iron palm. Thank you thomas voye

    • Good question Thomas. Many liniments would Not be appropriate with this internal method.

      The basic 100 days method shown at the beginning of the DVD does not require the use of a liniment (although it would enhance it.) However, there are more advanced internal practices shown later in the DVD where this liniment will be particularly useful and is highly recommended.

      The OHC Iron Palm liniment was carefully chosen because it has specific properties that will enhance the internal practices shown on this dvd.

      If you already have other liniments you train with it is important that you fully understand the method shown on this dvd as well as the properties of the OHC liniment that make it useful for this type of training before you consider substituting a different formula.

  2. Well Stated Ben.

  3. Thank You ben can i use brian grays liniment? Thank You thomas voye

    • Our internal Iron Palm method is very different from other commonly available forms of Iron Palm training. It is unlikely that a liniment designed for use with a method other than ours would be compatible with our training method.

      Sifu Clear just posted on article on why we use the OHC Iron Palm liniment and some of the problems that may arise from using a liniment that is not compatible with our internal training method. Click Here to read Sifu Clear’s explanation.

  4. Dan Eidson, DCH, LMT says:

    Can this same method be used to train internal iron to strike with other parts of the body such as feet, shoulders or head butts?

    • The methods shown are primarily focused on training the front and backs of the hand and the forearms. However the internal iron will extend to other areas of the body to some degree and the entire body will benefit from this training.

      If you combine this training with the training on our “Internal Iron Body in 100 Days” DVD then you will develop whole body iron.

  5. Dan Eidson, DCH, LMT says:

    After conditioning with iron palm for 100 or more days can you

    use three, two, or one finger strikes to vital areas of the body

    and still achieve the same effect? (even know your strike

    surface is smaller?

  6. Dan Eidson, DCH, LMT says:

    After practicing most of DVD one of the Internal Iron Palm techniques for two weeks I am beginning to feel a minor change in my hands, wrists, and forearms.
    I was replacing a thermostat in my old 75 chevy farm truck, trying to figure out why the gasket was still leaking I left the engine running.
    I accidentally brushed the inside of my right forearm again the running fan blade of the engine. It caused a bit of pain and left a red mark about 4 inches long. The next day the red mark was completely gone.
    I think Sifu Clears Iron Palm DVD is one of best programs he has offered to the public so far. It is easy to learn, if you will only do the work to get there. That is the most important part.

    I also had a phenomenal breaking experience that happened by accident with an object recently.
    All I will say at this point is that I would not have wanted to be on the other end of the energy dispersion that came out of my left hand.
    After studying various forms of martial arts on and off for many years I will have to say that no one has ever offered to teach me an Internal system like this particular Iron Palm.
    I am honored and blessed to receive the secret teachings.

  7. i have pracitced tai chi for a while i have always stayed away from iron methods because i work as a guitar player and fear i will damage my hands or cause the loss of feeling leaving me jobless. does this method do that?

    • Sensitivity and the ability to feel is an essential component of Tai Chi. This is a Tai Chi method so it is healthy for you. It will not damage the hands and it will not cause any loss of feeling.

      However, if you have a preexisting condition like severe arthritis or something similar I would recommend that you consult your physician and take it easy in the beginning.

      • interesting I am about to start the iron palm and being in the martial arts field i am told that the lee ying arng book is a good book i have the old 1968 version to read but if anyone does not do the exercise right they will damage there hands that is a fact i would say pick a trade, at that point guitar or martial arts! on an in depthness that will take you into a whole new world i have yet to try the tai chi version of the iron palm as i am in another martial arts but i am sure they are close to each other. good luck

        • Lee Ying Arng’s book is good but it mostly talks about external Iron Palm methods. Though it dose mention the kind of thing we’re doing here briefly.

          Iron Palm and Guitar can coexist just fine as long as you are careful and choose hi quality training methods.

  8. Hi,
    I am planning to purchase Sigung Clear Combat Tai Chi program with TRS , are these two the same ( they say after studying the TRS DVD you can break boards also). Thank you.

    • No, the material on these two dvds is somewhat related but different.

      • So for learning how to break boards using internal chi power, which series would you recommend? Why does the guy in the related video clip quote on the Combat Tai Chi program (TRS) state that he was doing board breaks within half a day whereas you say for Iron Palm it will take 100 days (at least to break bricks)? Given the choice, I think I’d take the half day ramp up time… ;^)

        • If you are interested in developing power you will get a lot more out of the Internal Iron Palm dvd. I would also recommend the other dvds in our 1 Touch Ko Package.

          The Internal Iron Palm dvd is focused on developing a very powerful Iron Palm quality strike with some training for speed and application as well.

          The TRS DVDs will cover a several different Tai Chi topics that can all be learned very quickly and applied without much training.

  9. what is it like to utilize iron palm within fighting? i am looking to enhance my jujitsu and believe this would be a welcome addition to strenghthen my strikes.

  10. how long does it take on average to attain this skill for use in combat?


    • That depends on how much time and work you put into the material.

      “You will see benefits from this method very rapidly and will have a brick breaking level of skill if you practice consistently every day for 100 days. Of course you will see more benefits if you practice for many more days than that.

      3 years of consistent everyday practice will produce extraordinary results of a very high level.”

  11. What dvd should i get to increase my punching power? Internal Power or Internal Iron Palm in 100 Days?

  12. Hi,

    I wanted to know if i buy the internal power dvd, will that come with instructions on iron palm as well or is that dvd completely different?

    Thank you

    • Hi Garry,

      The information on the two dvds is different however they compliment each other well.

      The Internal Power DVD does not focus on Iron Palm however it will teach you skills that are necessary for the higher levels of Iron Palm in Tai Chi like being able to direct the force of a strike to specific organs inside the body.

  13. I am familiar with a number of Iron palm methods and actually own the book by Lee Ying-arng. His method, at least based on what he describes in his book, is an internal-external whereas one can damage the palm if done incorrectly as you are slapping external objects (Lee Ying-arng even says as much about the method within his book) and not a ‘pure’ internal method of developing the hand. My question then is, do you pretty much follow his method as presented in the book or is it something else. Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Jeff, This is a method that Lee Ying-arng knew. However it is not one of the ones that he talks about in his book. I believe he may mention it in his book but only very briefly.

      At some point we may put together a video on the all around method he describes in his book because there are a few things that were left out of the text. However the all around method is not a Tai Chi method of Iron Palm even though it is internal.

      Our Internal Iron Palm video focuses strictly on Iron Palm methods that come directly from Tai Chi.

  14. Dear Sigung
    Can this be applied to punches and kicks as well?

  15. I am genuinely interested in maybe purchasing the Internal Iron Palm in 100 Days 2 DVD set, but am wondering if the training method is simple to learn from home?

    Also, how long is shipping time to England?


    • Hi Lorry, This method is easy to learn from at home. Just take your time and work through the material step by step.

      We have a couple different shipping methods available to the UK. Shipping time ranges from approximately 18 business days to 7 business days depending on which method you select in the shopping cart.

      Thank you,

  16. Just purchased the 2 DVD Set. Look foward to recieiving 🙂

  17. Another Question,

    Is there certain breath control involved in the ‘Tai Chi Internal Iron Palm in 100 Days training method’


  18. Dear Sifu,

    I am a practitioner of Kyokushin Karate, and I am very interested about your Iron Palm Method. But I would like to know if this method also enhances the breaking ability with other parts of the body, such as the knuckles, elbow, shin, etc. Also, would the internal methods in any way hinder my external Kyokushin training? Thanks.

    Yours sincerely,


    • Hi Saquib,
      The training on this video is focused on the palm. However the back of the hand and the forearm will be strengthened to some degree as well. For the rest of the body you will want to take a look at our Internal Iron Body DVD.

      The Internal Iron Palm will be different from your external Kyokushin training. Without seeing exactly what you are doing I don’t know for sure if it would be a hindrance or not.

  19. We have a local “fight club” where many aspiring UFC fighters along with the guys from Wing Chun, Krav Maga, Tae Kwon Do etc. get together for friendly exchanging of perspectives and methods.
    Invariably the “One Inch Punch” is tabled and the pros and cons are hashed out.
    A young man with a few years of Wing Chun training wanted to show his punch and explain why it is the end all for close combat. His version is the one where the fingertips are placed on the receiver and than the closed fist punch and so on.
    His power was decent but the general consensus was maybe not a fight ender.

    I offered to show a short distance palm strike ala Tai Chi and he graciously accepted. Using the same starting position – fingertips on his right pec – I dropped and he rose. Bystanders said the guy went about a foot in the air when I struck him. The look on this guys face was the epitome of “WTF” and I too was not sure what happened. I assumed before the strike- he would have went down or backwards and why he went straight up in the air still eludes me. I do know, several days after he was still in pain. Had I put a little more juice into that shot there is no telling what may have happened. I would greatly appreciate any feedback from anyone that has had same or similar experiences.

    In a related incident, not quite as impressive but worth mentioning, there was another display of results of hard work and proper instruction.
    We do some sensitivity training that is a combination of Sticky Hands, Rolling Arms, Spinning Arms and some Push Hands. It is supposed to be a non stop slow to med speed contact drill but as usual some dickweed will get scared or pissed and speed up the flow. The usual off limit targets of eyes and throat are usually observed but sometimes accidents happen – but this is not Home Ec we are studying.

    I was working with a guy in his 30’s, fast, strong and of course much more mobile than myself so I had to slow him down due to his aggressive nature. One of my old teachers favorite targets when we would play around is the shoulder joint rigt near the collar bone and upper rib. When that point is hit just right it will knock the stiffness out of a honey moon hard on. The goal of the strike is to make the opponents arm useless and it will work if hit properly. Well, I missed the “sweet spot” but he did call time out – aparently I hit a bone and he felt a shock wave right down to his right heel. As with the palm strike mentioned earlier – I felt nothing and actually thought I had missed altogether.

    As I mentioned in a previous post, these are not brought here to state my accomplishments, skills or lack of – but only to emphasize what proper instruction and hard work will bring a dedicated student. If you buy the program pay attention to the “little things” – – the devil is in the details. Internal Iron Palm is a potent weapon in your self defense arsenal and opens the door to bigger and better things

  20. What should have been mentioned in my previous post was the method of delivery for the shoulder target. I was taught to use a sword or spear hand and while some may argue that is not really “Iron Palm” – the power comes directly from the IP training

  21. Dear Sifu.

    I have purchase and practiced internal iron Palm DVD for about 4 weeks. I am confused in how to use the palm to break the board. Should I touch the board and quickly pull away my palm (like touching fire) or follow thru with the slap?

    Thank you.


    • Hi Gonzo,
      Either method will work. Either follow through or bounce off.

      If you are bouncing off make sure the hand moves away from the board faster than it moved towards the board. Also make sure the bounce penetrates through the board not just tapping the surface.

      Once you get the feel for it then begin refining the skill and making it more internal until you can transfer the same force with a touch.

  22. Froustommer says:

    I would like to start internal iron palm, but my only worry is loosing the sense of touch… you know like when you touch sth you can feet it if its soft, smooth, etc… If some1 could answer me this I would be more than grateful!!! Please and thank you!

    • The sense of touch and ability to feel is very important in Tai Chi. Our Internal Iron Palm method does not compromise your ability to feel and when combined with other Tai Chi sensitivity training it will enhance your ability to feel.

  23. “One of the most noticeable and nice benefits of internal iron palm is that to train it does not require you to hit or use materials other than yourself. Your own body, your own movement, your own mind and spirit. Those are the tools.”

    Why would you need the Iron Palm Hand Protector Formula if to train it does not require you to hit or use materials other than yourself ?

    The internal iron palm training can damage internal organs?


    • Most of the training you can do without the liniment. However there are some exercises in the more advanced section of the DVD that are quite unpleasant and using the liniment will be very helpful.

  24. Is the entire DVD available on the level 2 Tai Chi curriculum?

  25. Hi there Ben, this looks great but just one question. Is there an age requirement for this (e.g 18+) or can it be practised by people of all ages? Also is any previous experience in tai chi required?

    • No previous Tai Chi experience is necessary.

      However, someone should probably wait until the bones and joints are fully developed before putting a lot of emphasis on Iron Palm development.

  26. Michael says:

    Hi Ben,
    I realize the more you practice, the faster and better your results but what is the minimum daily practice time for being able to break a brick after 100 days? Thanks for taking the time to answer all these questions from everyone.

    • Somewhere between 45 & 60 minutes.

      There’s a pdf guide that comes with the DVD. It outlines a program that starts you at 5 min per day and builds you up to 30 – 45 over 3 months. We find this is the best way to build the training habits that are necessary for the most long term benefit.

      However, for maximum power benefits in 100 days. Start with the full method right away and combine your training with the Internal Iron Body method. Keep in mind that though this practice regimen has the potential for more benefit, we find most people aren’t able to stick with it diligently enough and will actually do better with a more gradual approach.

      Also, don’t try to break concrete right away. Start with super easy breaks using wood or re-breakable boards and slowly increase the difficulty of the breaks.
      Never attempt a break are unsure about. Train until the current break is very easy before increasing the difficulty.

  27. Shawn patty says:

    I am interested in buying the internal iron palm DVD! Will it improve my abilities as a chi Kung healer? I am thinking about working in a hospice setting using as a chi Kung healer. Will the iron palm method enhance my ability to channel chi? Thank you.

    • Matt Holker says:

      Hello Shawn,

      The Internal Iron Palm training is terrific. While it is healthy for you and can lead to healing abilities at a higher level, it is primarily oriented toward martial applications. I think the package you want is probably this:

      That course starts out with a number of Chi Kung techniques for building, circulating, and sensing Chi. The package concludes by teaching a Fa Kung energy healing technique rarely seen in the West. I think this would be the best course of study for you right now.

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