Combat Tai Chi Vol 11: Fan Through Back (and Fair Lady)


In this DVD we take a look at two moves: “Fan Through Back” and “Fair Lady Weaves the Shuttle.”

Sigung Clear breaks down these movements to give you an in depth understanding of how to fight with each of them and how they relate to each other.

You Will Learn:

  • Quick & Effective Street Apps
  • Fa Jing
  • Dim Mak
  • Poison Hand
  • Peng
  • Shoulder & Back Stroke
  • And Much More


  1. Paul Hunter says:

    Hello Mr. Clear, did you have a school in the Tampa bay area? If you did that is were I saw you, at a seminar that you had. Please let me know if that was you. Thanks Paul

  2. Hello, I have always wondered what the difference is between fan through back, and fair lady weaves the shuttle. Are they the same movement but with varying applications? Or two totally different Jing patterns with two different purposes?

    • They are two distinctly different moves. But they are also similar in many ways. The applications are also similar because of the close relationship between the two and it’s very easy to end up flowing from one to the other in a combative context.

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