Chi Energy – Activation, Cultivation & Flow

(Book & Video Available)

Learn real high level, beginner to advanced practices regarding Chi Energy activation, cultivation and flow. These practices will allow you to personally experience, build and work with Chi energy. Practices, concepts and principles are explained in depth so that the average person can fully utilize and understand the knowledge imparted.

“…it’s a wonderful tool for anyone who has interest in Chi Kung, tai chi, health, healing, energy medicine or longevity. Sifu Clear’s explanations are simple and precise. As a Board Certified Acupuncturist and Doctor of Chiropractic I can whole heartedly say “use this for what ales you”. Sifu Clear obviously knows what he is talking about and deserves a doctorate degree for his knowledge in the internal and external arts of healing and self defense.”
-Dr Conrad Bui

Chapters Include:

  • mind intent
  • breathing
  • body states
  • physical alignments
  • Wu Chi
  • Bone Marrow Washing
  • Kidney Breathing
  • the Energy Ball
  • Rooting
  • Body Connection secrets
  • the Dan Tiens
  • important energy points
  • the 3 Dan Tiens Linear
  • how to get the maximum benefits out of your Tai Chi Training

“This is one of those very few books that is able to give a solid, concrete introduction to a very complicated subject matter that a beginner can grasp but at the same time manages to give pointers and insights that will benefit very seasoned and experienced practitioners. It is a very practical and user friendly book devoid of the sometimes confusing jargon and terminology often found in similar books. It should be of interest to tai chi and chi gung practitioners as well as other martial artists and anyone interested in improving their health. Highly recommended.”
– By Michael Smith (florida, USA)

This information applied to Tai Chi, martial arts or energetic arts of any kind will greatly enhance and benefit those practices.

We are pleased to offer a resource for Westerners to get an understanding of Chi energy that will give everyone from beginners to more experienced practitioners enough working knowledge and incentive to truly advance their studies in this fascinating discipline.

The video contains exercises that will help students understand the principles explained in the book. The book is essential to understanding the exercises taught on video.

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Chi Energy DVD – $65

Clear’s Qigong Certification #1: Energy Activation Cultivation & Flow
To earn this certification the student must demonstrate their skill at activating Qi, circulating Qi and cultivating Qi.


  1. Ordered a DVD on Combat Tai Chi by Richard Clear , I’m very impressed with the quality of instruction . Was planning to continue my studies of Yang style Tai Chi ,but after seeing this DVD’s has caught my attention ,and would like to venture in this this style because of the combat ,and healing abilities . it is easy to hurt someone , but one should also know how to heal what he or she has injured .
    Yes,I would like to try Your system ,and start out with the first DVD

  2. Randy Cable says:

    I own the book. For me, it was an ideal way to begin learning Tai Chi.

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