4oz Moves 1000lbs & Silk Reeling

4oz Moves 1000lbs

4oz Moves 1000lbs

This DVD contains 2 workshops that where held near Washington DC in September 2013.

Workshop 1

  • 4oz Moves 1000lbs – learn how to use minimal force to manipulate the opponent.
  • Hua Jin (neutralizing) – learn how to neutralize the opponents force when they push or strike you.
  • Borrowing – learn to use the opponents force against them.

Workshop 2

  • Silk Reeling / Chan Si Jin (spiral energy) – learn how to use spiral energy for more power and effortless technique.


  1. Is the DVD 2 silkreeling and spiraling energy the same as the lessons on line, or is there more information.

    • The first half of the DVD is the 4oz moves 1000lbs workshop which we have not released anywhere before. The second half of the DVD is the spiral energy workshop which we made available to folks who became Internal Combat Arts Members before the end of 2013.

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