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Internal Iron Body Internal Iron Palm Chi Energy

Internal Iron Package
You will build Internal Power, Internal Iron Body, Fa Jing & much more with this DVD Package. Includes seven DVDs on the internal principles & training methods of Tai Chi. An excellent way to begin your study of the Clear’s Combat Tai Chi program. Save over 44% when you order now!

Combat Tai Chi Vol 17: Combat Breathing Combat Tai Chi Vol 19: Fighting Set – Jings, Energies & Expressions Mind Power

Clear’s Tai Chi Level 1
Learn the fundamentals of Tai Chi, earn the Clear’s Tai Chi Level 1 certification and build a strong foundation for intermediate and advanced Tai Chi skills. Click Here

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Tai Chi Programs

Clear’s Tai Chi (core curriculum) – In depth training from beginner to advanced for those who want a complete Tai Chi Chuan education.

Clear’s Combat Tai Chi – Practical training in the combative side of Tai Chi for those who want to focus on Tai Chi’s martial side.

Fa Kung Universal Healing Chi Kung – Practical instruction for healers & energy workers.