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Clear’s Tai Chi Level 1
Learn the fundamentals of Tai Chi, earn the Clear’s Tai Chi Level 1 certification and build a strong foundation for intermediate and advanced Tai Chi skills. Click Here

Internal Iron Body Internal Iron Palm Chi Energy

Internal Iron Package
You will build Internal Power, Internal Iron Body, Fa Jing & much more with this DVD Package. Includes seven DVDs on the internal principles & training methods of Tai Chi. An excellent way to begin your study of the Clear’s Combat Tai Chi program. Save over 44% when you order now!

Combat Tai Chi Vol 17: Combat Breathing Combat Tai Chi Vol 19: Fighting Set – Jings, Energies & Expressions Mind Power

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Tai Chi Programs

Clear’s Tai Chi (core curriculum) – In depth training from beginner to advanced for those who want a complete Tai Chi Chuan education.

Clear’s Combat Tai Chi – Practical training in the combative side of Tai Chi for those who want to focus on Tai Chi’s martial side.

Fa Kung Universal Healing Chi Kung – Practical instruction for healers & energy workers.