Sigung Clear is a 3rd generation lineage holder in Tai Chi from Lee Ying Arng author of the original book Iron Palm in 100 Days.

     The secrets of the Internal Iron Palm can be yours in no time with proper knowledge and daily practice.

     Do not confuse this with other more common External Iron Palm methods – Internal Iron Palm is healthy for you and adds power, vitality and ability to you as you train it.

What You Will Get

  • The Tai Chi Internal Iron Palm in 100 Days training method
  • Advanced training practices to carry your skills beyond the first 100 days
  • How to practice and test this ability without having to break bricks often
  • Internal Iron Palm combat applications

     After developing this ability, you will never lose it as long as you remain active and healthy. It can be quickly practiced and easily maintained. The benefits for long term dedication are extraordinary!

No partner needed! – Internal Iron Palm can be practiced alone, and is an excellent method of training internal power if you do not have a group to practice with

No expensive tools! – After learning the Internal Iron Palm training method, you can practice using nothing but your own body, mind, and dedication. No additional purchases required.

It’s safe! – No need for popular but harmful methods like continual impact training that leads to injury. Building Internal Iron Palm leads to long term health benefits that can be practiced and utilized even into old age.

I think Sifu Clears Iron Palm DVD is one of best programs he has offered to the public so far. It is easy to learn, if you will only do the work to get there. That is the most important part.

After studying various forms of martial arts on and off for many years I will have to say that no one has ever offered to teach me an Internal system like this particular Iron Palm.
I am honored and blessed to receive the secret teachings.”
– Dan Eidson, DCH, LMT

Internal Iron Palm Liniment     We recommend using The Oriental Herb Company’s Iron Palm Hand Protector Formula with this training. Instructions for how to use this liniment with our internal training methods are taught on the DVD. You can order this liniment directly from The Oriental Herb Company. when you purchase the Internal Iron Palm dvd.