Internal Iron Body in 100 Days

Iron Body in 100 Days



Become healthier, stronger, more energetic & more vibrant with Tai Chi Iron Body training.

Discover the Internal Iron Body methods of Tai Chi Chuan.

These rare Nei Kung practices build a strong Tai Chi body capable of delivering knockout strikes and neutralizing the powerful blows of other martial artists.

Secrets of Tai Chi Iron Body

  • Tai Chi Iron Body Qigong
  • Golden Bell Training & Tai Chi Nei Kung
  • Qi cultivation
  • Bone Marrow Washing
  • Whole Body Breathing
  • Neutralization
  • Fighting Applications of Iron Body

No partner needed! – Tai Chi Iron Body is an excellent way to build internal power when you don’t have a training partner to work with.

24/7 Practice – Once you familiarize yourself with the principles of Tai Chi Iron Body you can incorporate them into your daily activities to rapidly increase the benefits of this training.

Build Iron Body with your Tai Chi set – These Internal Iron Body principles can, and should, be employed in your regular Tai Chi practice, turning any Tai Chi set into an Iron Body Set and magnifying the health and internal power benefits of your Tai Chi.

Is Iron Body Training Safe?

This type of Iron Body training is safe. There are many different types of Iron Body training. Some of the more common methods can be quite harmful when practiced incorrectly.

Tai Chi Iron Body is very different. It comes directly from the same internal principles that produce Tai Chi’s famous health benefits. Tai Chi Iron Body is safe, and it will amplify the benefits of your regular Tai Chi practice.

The only tools you need are your own body & mind. – No gadgets, gizmos, devices or potions are required. You do not need a training partner, and you don’t even need to memorize dozens of postures.

No Experience Needed – You do not need to know any Tai Chi & you don’t need any previous internal martial arts training. This is an excellent way to begin building the health and power that the Internal Martial Arts are known for.

Take Your Tai Chi to the next level – For experienced Tai Chi practitioners, this training will transform your practice and help take your skill and internal development to the next level.

Iron Body in 100 Days


Sigung Richard Clear

Richard Clear
Sigung (Senior Teacher – Red Sash) Tai Chi and Chi Kung
Advanced training received from China’s “old Masters” Living Treasures in Mainland China 1993 & 1994

Tai Chi Master of The Year 2011 -USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Sigung (Senior Teacher – Red Sash) Old Hand Shao lin and Internal Kung Fu

Self Defense Master of the Year 2007 -USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Master Practitioner of KUN TAO SILAT de Thouars
Master Practitioner of Pentjak Silat
Si-Tai-Gung Street Kung Fu (Founder and Head of System)
Certified Instructor of Russian Martial Art Systema by Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev as of may 2003