How to Build Internal Power

Internal Skill is what separates Tai Chi from the external martial arts.

Internal Power

Clear’s Internal Push Hands is one of the fastest ways to build Internal Power & Skill.

You can’t get it by doing crunches or lifting weights in the gym.

Internal power is not about strength or size and without it there is no Tai Chi Chuan. Just empty choreography.

Internal Power is about using your body in ways that are smart. Really smart.

It’s about deep relaxation, advanced body mechanics & breath-work. It’s about knowing your opponent’s body and mind better than he does.

This course will take around 6 months to complete.

You will learn the fundamentals of building a powerful internal engine that will greatly enhance your practice no matter what art you do (if you’re willing to do the work.)

  • Your movement will become more powerful.
  • Your hits will be harder and penetrate deeper.
  • Your throws will be stronger (and countering throws will be easier.)
  • and much more…
  • There are even a lot of health benefits that come from this practice.