Internal Iron Shirt VS Golden Bell

A student recently asked me if this description of an internal iron shirt method was similar to Tai Chi Golden Bell methods on our Iron Body video.

“…a series of exercises that are designed to stretch and strengthen the body’s fascia. Your fascia will thicken and strengthen over time. To create a stronger body able to absorb more punishment.”

The answer is no.

The type of method above can build a beginning level of Internal Iron fairly quickly.

(we use a similar method in Phase 2 of Clear’s Silat for just that reason)

However there’s a downside.

To build the iron it uses a lot of energy. In addition to your Iron Body training you’ll need to take good vitamins, eat well and do a lot of energy building chi kung to balance it out.

If you’re over 40 I don’t recommend it.

Tai Chi’s Golden Bell training works the other way. The same practices that build your Internal Iron also build energy.

Health and Martial unified in one practice.

That’s Tai Chi.

Energize your body and mind with our powerful Internal Iron Body in 100 Days DVD:

Take Care,
Ben Sterling

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  1. Peter Traynor says:

    I justed watched the video linked above, although without sound. I have one question, why did you instruct people to strike with the back of the hand? This is one of the most fragile parts of the body, containing loads of little bones and therefore totally unsuited to hard striking. I would have been more impressed had you instructed them to use a palm strike, hammer fist or perhaps even an elbow…but then perhaps the effect might have been less effective?

    • Striking with the back of the hand and forearm allows the striker to hit as hard as they want without risking injury to their wrist, elbow and shoulder.

      We’re more than happy to let you feel it with a punch. Just come by the school or stop by one of our seminars when we’re traveling.

      In fact on the free Tai Chi 1 Touch KO seminar video, you can see someone punching Sigung Clear. However the punches are light because the striker can immediately feel the force of the hit coming right back up their arm to the elbow and shoulder.

  2. Christian Opitz says:


    how much time does it take to complete the daily Training session for this method of golden bell?

    Best regards,


    • Ideally you’d spend around 30 – 40 minutes per day for the first 100 days or more. However it can easily be adapted to fit your schedule. You can make gains with less training time per day but progress will be slower.

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