What is The Double Weighted Error?

This is a subject that gets a lot of people talking in Tai Chi, and often leads to arguments and misunderstandings. The most common assumption would say that being double weighted is having weight on both legs instead of only one. However, if this were true, then you would be making frequent errors throughout the sets with moves like Carry The Cauldron. Many students know this, and so the question remains.

Often times the old masters get quiet when asked about it because it is difficult to convey with words. It cannot be expressed in just a few sentences.

It is much easier to demonstrate it, and to learn it by feel. With this product, we will show you everything you need to know to develop this skill with the help of a partner.

How Does The Error Affect You?

If you are double weighted,

  • You are slow to move, or adjust yourself
  • You can’t distinguish full & empty in yourself or your opponent
  • You will have difficulty being able to empty or fill places in your body
  • You are easy to shove
  • Your root will be weak


Learn to correct this error in yourself, and you will be able to recognize it in others and take advantage of it. Without correcting the double weighted error, your Tai Chi will always be low level.