How do you heal with Chi?

chi-healing-2A. From a Chinese Medicine perspective Chi is the basic energy that is the “alive” living electricity aspect of our biology.  Chi leaves the body when we die and without Chi we are just a collection of organic matter (skin, bones, etc).   Chi is responsible for the repairing and healing of our body.

If more chi can be focused to an area that needs healing then it will heal faster.  Also, often an injured area tends to block chi due to tension and trauma in and around the area.

A Chi Healing practitioner can remove blockages and focus chi directly to any area that needs it.  The basic chi healing method involves several steps.

  1. The practitioner scans and feels the subtle energy field and feels for disturbances and differences in the field.  There are as many different sensations as there are injuries and maladies.  The initial learning process for this must be directed by an experienced teacher who can help the beginner decipher and interpret what they are feeling.
  2. Either pull out the blockage and any accumulated stagnant/negative and then replace it with Universal Chi or simply focus Universal Chi to the area.
  3. Seal the area so that the chi can flow and the energy field is put back into its natural state once again.

Q. What does it mean to Balance Chi?

A. Essentially the human body has some very specific energy characteristics.  For example, in a healthy person most of the body energetically feels the same without any disturbances or temperature variations in the energy field.  If an organ or area feels inappropriately icy cold or burning hot or the field has a major bulge or depression in it then at the very least the person’s energy is unbalanced.

It is common for most people with a typical modern day unhealthy lifestyle to be a bit unbalanced.  For example, most people do not drink enough water and hence their kidneys energetically feel hot.  As long as there are no significant medical issues preventing the person from drinking water the energy fix for this is very simple.  Tell them to drink more water.  In a healthy person this will bring them into balance.

A person’s energy can also become imbalanced by stress and emotional issues.  There are some very simple Chi Kung physical, mental and breathing exercises for practitioners to relax and rebalance their energy.  It is also important to take care of yourself and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Can one achieve self healing with Chi?
    Can one balance their own Chi, Ying and Yang?
    Can Chi bring environmental healing to one as well, say like good fortune, prosperity? Will this coarse help one to help bring Ying and Yang in balance to others?

  2. how do i find my chi?

    • Matt Holker says:

      Practice 🙂

      Why do you want it? Do you want to feel invigorated and powerful in your daily activities, do you want to use Chi to heal others, or perhaps both? Without knowing anything more about you or your personal goals, I can confidently suggest our Energy Healing program. It starts with Chi Kung exercises to energize yourself and build your sensitivity to chi in others. Then it goes right into a rarely-seen-in-the-West Fa Kung Healing method. You can learn more here:

  3. Shreshth says:

    I can create chi balls. Can I use it to heal physical injuries?

    • Matt Holker says:

      With time and training, nearly anyone can be taught to heal with chi using our Fa Kung method. If you can already create energy balls, if I understand you correctly, then that is a good step towards being able to heal with chi and a strong indicator that you can learn and use our Fa Kung method successfully. Learn more here:

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