Bone Marrow Washing – A Simple Explanation

bone-marrow-washingBone Marrow Washing is a Chi Kung method that rejuvenates the bone marrow and makes the bones stronger, more pliable and more flexible.

It’s Most Famous Benefit is the Youth Effect It Creates.

In addition to stronger bones, bone marrow washing builds up a surplus of stored Chi energy in the bone marrow. This is commonly thought of by many Chi Kung masters as stored Jing.

It also helps to settle the overall body Energy as well.

Regular practice of marrow washing has been reported to slow and even reverse the effects of bone loss. When it’s combined with the heavy weight bearing aspects of Tai Chi these benefits are magnified.

How Hard Can It Be?

A lot of the published info on Bone Marrow washing is very long on theory and very light on the how.

Bone marrow washing is often considered a high level or advanced Chi Kung skill.

And there are many different methods from the esoteric and difficult to the exceptionally weird and bizarre.

However there are methods that are simple and can be learned quickly by a beginner.

Bone marrow washing involves both deep breathing and visualization practice.

If you can feel something than you can affect it, and the chi follows the mind. So once you learn to feel inside your bone marrow then you can direct energy there for storage and healing/rejuvenation.

Marrow Washing Can Even Replace Sleep

For example the method taught in Sigung Clear’s Chi Energy book can replace about 4 hours of sleep with 20 minutes of practice. This is not the recommended usage, but it can be very helpful in a pinch.


  1. Dan Eidson says:

    I know this sounds “out there.” Yet I am fascinated by the
    study of healing phenomena. Is it possible to transfer bone marrow washing energy to someone else with distant healing techniques?

  2. thanks i want methods about bone merrow and gard qigong
    iran palm please give me these methods

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